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Before You Buy That Metal Detector Handbook
by Lee Wiese

Download This Handbook  Updated 02-22-21, 32 pages

The material in this handbook is a consolidation of seven article from the MDHTALK.org website that cover a variety of detector purchases.

The first article addresses how much a new detectorist should consider spending for their first detector. There is a manufacturers pricing table by model to help with that purchase. The table high lights the seven top detector companies from the U.S. and Australia. You can get a good visual comparison between manufacturer models and their price.

The second article cover where to purchase your metal detector.

The third article discusses ergonomics of metal detector handles and what you should consider in your detector purchase. Detector ergonomics is very important since swing a detector for many hours can put a great strain on one's back and shoulder.

The fourth article addresses metal detecting freshwater and saltwater beaches. This article takes a look at what detectors may be best for the two types of beaches plus what detectors may be best for dry sand, wet sand and the water. There are a number of detectors listed in a table with a ranking.

The fifth article centers on electronic probes, their strengths, weakness and contribution to locating a target. There is also a comparison table that list most of the major electronic brands and some of their features.

The sixth article discusses Metal Detecting Sand and Water Scoops and provide a recommendation.

The seventh article concerns the investment cost that a detectorist might encounter to participate in the different types of metal detecting. There is a table that list the different types of detecting across the top with various categories of accessories along the side and a cost for each particular item under the different types of metal detecting.

The eighth article covers purchasing a competition detector.

There is a summary of cost at the bottom of the table for each type of metal detecting.

Here is a link to a free MS Excel spread sheet to calculate your metal detecting investment cost.


Summary: All detectorist should find this short handbook helpful in selecting a detector or in just understanding what it may cost you to participate in the metal detecting hobby.