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This is a sample set of Metal Detecting Club bylaws which can be edited to fit your clubs needs.

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Constitution and Bylaws


The name of this non-profit corporation, hereafter referred to as the club, shall be the _____________________________________________. The club was founded in Month & Year and incorporated in the State of_______________ in Month and Year .

Article II: Objective and Purpose

The purpose of this club shall be to:

1- preserve the hobby of metal detecting;
2- encourage members to work responsibly within the code of metal detecting conduct (ethic);
3- foster a spirit of co-operation between museums, archaeologists, and historical research societies;
4- provide training to new non-experienced members;
5- promote and encourage the hobby of recreational metal detecting;
6- provide members with a wide range of hobby related activities;
7- provide monthly meeting for all members;
8- be of service to the community, including law enforcement agencies and historical societies;
9- lobby for or against any pending legislation that would affect our hobby; and
10- preserve our national heritage and protect our environment.

ARTICLE III: Membership and Dues

(There may be three (3) types of club membership.)

1) Individual membership shall be available to any person with interest in the objective and purpose as stated in these by-laws. Membership is open to anyone 18 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 may be granted membership under the family membership. All family members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult member at all club functions.

2) Family membership shall be available to any person and his/her family interested in the objective and purpose as stated in these by-laws.

3) Honorary membership may be awarded to any individual for outstanding service or assistance to the club. Honorary members shall have all rights and privileges of members except the right to vote. Honorary membership shall be exempt from payment of dues. Honorary memberships are awarded according to non-nation and should be elected by majority of members present.

A. Membership is established by payment of dues. Annual dues for memberships shall be determined by the club Officers and voted on by the membership at the annual meeting.

B. Dues are for the calendar year and shall be at such a rate as established by vote of membership. Renewal of dues by current members shall be completed by December 31st for the next full calendar year. There will be no grace period. Annual dues shall be applied to each year beginning with January 1st and ending with December 31st.

C. New members joining during the first three quarters of the year shall pay dues in full for that year. New members joining during the last quarter of the year shall pay dues prorated for that quarter plus full dues for the following year.

D. All members are encouraged to serve on committees and should conduct themselves in a responsible and respectable manner.

ARTICLE IV: Duties of Officers

A. The officers of the _____________________________________club shall be:

1) a President;
The President and must set aside his time to provide the necessary leadership for club meetings. Leadership is getting members involved, delegating responsibilities, and requiring general meeting participation by all appointees and volunteers in their respective roles.

2) a Vice President;
The Vice President will conduct the club meeting in the absences of the President and will take responsibility for tasks assigned by the President. The Vice President shall assist committees in the carrying out of their functions and shall coordinate the monthly program/speaker for the club meetings.

3) a Secretary;
The Secretary should keep detailed minutes of all board and general meeting for future reference and for board action. The Secretary shall have the power to organize and manage a telephone notifying committee, review all Club correspondence, coordinate responses as needed and maintain a file of Club correspondence.

4) a Treasurer.
The Treasurer must handle all revenues and expenses, provide detailed monthly reports, year end summary analysis, handle all tax matters and provide the club with an analysis for managing membership dues. The Treasurer or President shall write and sign all checks.

B. At the annual meeting held in October a Nominating committee of three (3) members shall be appointed by the President. It shall be the duty of this committee to nominate candidates for the offices to be filled at the Club meeting in December. Nominations are to be announced at the November meeting with additional nominations accepted from the floor. All names placed in nomination must have prior approval from the nominee as to willingness to serve.

C. The officers shall be elected by (ballot, voice or show of hands) to serve for no greater than two years and their term of office shall begin at the close of the December meeting at which they are elected. If only one eligible candidate has consented to serve that candidate shall be elected by acclimation. Two of the four officers should be elected each year i.e. (President & Treasurer one year, Vice President & Secretary the next year).

D. No member shall hold more than one elected office at a time.

E. After holding a one year club membership, any individual with a paid membership shall be eligible to run for any elective position.

F. Should a position become vacant during the year, the membership shall be notified in writing that there will be special election at the next general membership meeting to elect and fill the vacant position. A simple majority vote from the members in attendance at an election meeting shall elect that nominee to office.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

A. The regular meeting of the __________________________________ club shall be held on the ____________ (day) of each month from January to December inclusive unless otherwise ordered by the club.

B. The regular meeting on the (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) _____________ (day of the week) in October shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of selecting the committee to nominate candidates, determine the membership fee, receive reports of officers and committee chairpersons, and for any other annual business that may arise.

C. A minimum of thirty-five percent (35%) of the members present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum. This is based on the assumption that all the officers are present plus thirty-five percent (35%) paid membership.

ARTICLE VI: Executive Board

A. The officers of the _____________________________________ club shall constitute the Executive Board.

B. The elected officers of the club shall be president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. This constitutes the board of directors. The preceding board of directors (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) shall be honorary members of the board of directors for one year. The board may invite select committee chairpersons or volunteers to a board meeting: however, they will have no voting powers.

C. The Executive Board shall have general supervision responsibility of the club affairs between its business meetings, make recommendations to the club, and shall perform such other duties as specified in these bylaws. The Board shall be subjected to orders of the club, and none of its act shall conflict with action taken by the club.

D. Unless otherwise ordered by the Board, there will be regular monthly meetings during the calendar year. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or can be called: upon the written request of three member of the Board.

ARTICLE VII: Committees and Volunteers

Note: The club will meet to determine the number of committees it would need to function during the calendar year. Usually there are two types of committees:

A. Standing - committees that would function on a yearly basis and year to year, and

B. Ad hoc - committees that would function for one (1 or 2) meetings and disband after the function is completed.

The Standing Committee and Volunteer list.

11) Community Liaison: person or persons who interface with public officials (Parks, Law Enforcement, News Outlets, etc) on the club’s behalf;
2) Curator: person responsible for acquiring club prizes for raffle & hunts;
3) Evidence Recovery: person responsible for having a team in place to provide assistants to law enforcement;
4) Historian: an individual who archives important event information for future club milestone celebrations;
5) Hospitality Chairperson: a individual who greets visitors at club meeting, handles introductions and does follow-up with visitors after the meeting;
6) Hunt Master: individual responsible for all the club’s planted & unplanted hunts;
7) Legislation Liaison: an individual that informs the club about any legislation issue either national, state, or at the local level and recommends a form of action for the club;
8) Librarian: provides storage and displays & signs out the club’s books and videos;
9) Manufacturers Representative: interfaces with equipment mfr. and keeps the members informed of new offerings;
10) Membership Chairperson: handles membership registration;
12) National Organization Liaison: contact to & from a national hobby association;
13) Newsletter Editor: generates & distributes the club monthly newsletter;
14) Photographer: records clubs activities by taking photos for the newsletter editor and web-site editor;
15) Program Director: coordinates all club programs (raffles, drawings, hunts), develops speaker programs and works with other appointees & volunteers on special club programs;
16) Raffle Chairperson: handles all aspects of the club raffle;
17) Refreshments: provides the club’s meeting refreshments;
18) Web-site Editor: designs and maintains the club web-site;
19) Finds of the Month Chairperson: an individual who manages the club’s show and tell portion of the meeting; and
20) Diamond & Gold Tester: an individual who has the expertise & tools to evaluate gold & diamonds for members.

ARTICLE VIII: Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the _________________________________________ club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the club may adopt.
The order of business for meetings:
1) Introduction of Officers and Chairpersons;
2) Introduction of guests;
3) Reading of minutes;
4) Treasurer’s report;
5) Committee Chairperson and Volunteer reports
6) Unfinished and old business;
7) New business;
8) Show and Tell;
9) Meeting break;
10) Speaker or Program;
11) Coin raffle; and
12) Adjourn meeting.

ARTICLE IX: Dissolution

A. The club may be dissolved only by a majority vote of the membership at a scheduled meeting after all members have been notified in writing of this intent including proposed disposal of assets.

B. In event of dissolution of the club, the club’s assets shall be disposed of to a charitable organization in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the membership and the laws of the state of ______________ relating to incorporated non-profit organizations.

ARTICLE X: Club Liability

A. While Club officers shall attempt to point out some hazards of various outings, it shall be a foregone conclusion that all dangers cannot be foreseen and therefore each member shall assume the responsibility for known and unknown dangers for himself, his family and his property.

B. In case of loss or injury of any kind to any member or his / her family while at a club meeting, field trip, or any other event involving the club said member agrees NOT to hold the club responsible in any way.

C. All members must be responsible for the well being and safety of their own persons and property.

D. Members with children shall be fully responsible for their safety and well being.

ARTICLE XI: Amendment of Bylaws

Any member desiring to amend the by-laws shall present in writing the proposed change(s) at a regular scheduled meeting.

B. All members must be notified in writing of the proposed change(s) and the date of voting relating to the change(s).

C. The bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club by a two-third (2/3) vote of the members present, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting.

Approving Signatures

__________________________________ ____________________________
Club President                                     Date
__________________________________ ____________________________
Club Vice President                              Date

__________________________________ ____________________________
Club Secretary                                    Date

__________________________________ ____________________________
Treasurer                                           Date

Founding Date ___________ Adopted Date _____________

Revision Date:_____________

Revision Date:_____________

Revision Date:_____________

Revision Date:_____________