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Metal Detecting Club Pamphlet
by Lee Wiese

Download the Pamphlet 59 pages Rev: F - 02-22-21

This Metal Detecting Club Handbook is a composition of nine MDHTALK.org articles written for and about metal detecting clubs. All of these individual articles can be found on the MDHTALK website and are downloadable. However, by putting the individual articles into one handbook, results in a one stop shopping experience for any new or developing club looking for a guide. This handbook is free to the metal detecting community and is in Adobe .PDF format which makes it downloadable for those who are interested in this material.

Here is the table of contents for the current Version. "F" version of the handbook.
To recap the handbook's content covers why to join a club, how to start a club and a good numbers of the articles centered on a club's charter and operation.

The plan is to add at least two to three more articles to the handbook during 2022 that will cover gaps in the current material. Future article may cover the following subject matter: The current version is forty-one pages and the expectation are that it would reach fifty pages once completed. If you download the handbook you may want to check back in a couple of months for any updates and re-download the handbook.

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