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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service
Author: Chris Turner

I’ve been metal detecting now for 37 years and my vision was to create a directory where metal detecting specialists can list their services to help people who have lost wedding bands and engagement rings...At beaches, parks, lakes & yards etc.

The reason for building this directory is so the public can find someone that can help them locate their lost jewelry and so the metal detectorist can earn extra income.

The Ring Finders Directory for the metal detecting specialist is a place to offer your service, I don't tell you how to run your service, some charge for their service and about 97% of our members have adopted my way of working on a reward basis. People pay what it's worth to them and what they can afford, I've been rewarded very well at times and I have worked for as little as a photograph for my book of smiles, also a loaf of homemade banana bread.

I too believe if you find a school ring you should do everything you can to find the owner. You'll have a good chance with the name of the school, dates and initials that are in the ring....However In the case of a wedding band or engagement ring how does one find an owner if the owner has given up on the search?

That's where The Ring Finders come into play. We give the public a chance to find someone that can help them locate what they have lost. In most cases people can't wait to get their ring back, they want it found now, not later.

Every ring comes with a story and that story ends when the ring is lost, what I and the members of our directory do, is help continue that story by finding people's lost and most sentimental items. Sometimes we drive hundreds of miles or get up at 3 am to search at low tide for someone’s lost ring. Many times I've left the dinner table to rush out to do a search for a lost ring at the beach or park. I would work a 15 hour day then drive home to grab my detector and go out in a snow storm to search a parking lot before it was cleaned to help someone find their ring.

Let me shed some light on how this website came to life...

I remember back in 1984 when my soccer career came to a sudden end due to a knee injury. After my surgery I was living on my boat in Los Angeles and as I was hunting the beach early one morning around 5 am a man came running at me and yelling... I thought oh boy! here we go, get ready, but as he got closer I could hear his plea's for help. He told me that he was on a picnic that evening and his wife lost her diamond engagement ring, they were searching all night with flash lights and digging in the sand. Then they saw me with my metal detector, I went to the spot that they were searching all night and found her ring in a matter of minutes. She screamed so loud and burst into tears, she hugged me, he hugged me, and then the money came out of his wallet. I said no I don’t want any money, thank you, but he kept on insisting and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

A few months later I ended up moving to Cancun Mexico for a year to relax and think about what I was going to do with my life. I always had my metal detector with me and I searched the beach early mornings before the crowds showed up. Again one morning someone came running up to me for help, another engagement ring and another reward along with breakfast. The reactions of the people and the smiles are what made me think about how I could help more people.

In the year I spent in Cancun and from word of mouth, I helped recover many rings for people. After I returned home to Vancouver BC I started my little business called ‘‘Finders’’ My service grew, with this growth came the purchase of my first computer and slowly emails came from people around the world asking for help to locate their lost jewelry.
Then I started to get emails from treasure hunters asking for help on how they could set up a service in their town.

Last year I was contacted by someone from the United States who saw my website called ‘‘Finders’’ he asked if I ever thought of creating a global directory to help people on a much larger scale? I said that I’d thought about it but there just wasn’t enough money to get it started... He helped financed the site and let me create it, we both believe it can make a difference in this world as we become a household name for helping people find their lost smiles!

I’m very proud of the members on our directory, they want to help people find what they thought was lost forever, in most cases they do!

Everyone has a right to their own opinion for what is right and what is wrong. Is it right to except a reward for a service that someone is providing? Or is it wrong?

If a metal detectorist makes money from doing something he loves to do and is helping someone at the same time, is that wrong?

If a metal detectorist is called and asked to drive 50 miles and search for say 3 hours, is it right for him to except nothing for his time, his expertise, and expect him to pay for his own gas to get to the location and back, is that right?

There will always be two sides to this, I'm not about to argue that point.

I’ve been offering this service here in Vancouver now for 16 years and have help lots of people, myself along with some members of The Ring Finders give a percentage of the reward money we make to Charity. I believe we are giving metal detecting a good name and making a positive impact on this hobby.

The Ring Finders Directory is only a little over a year old and is getting lots of positive press, both from the testimonials written about our members and the service, along with the TV, Newspaper & Radio stories about the discoveries made by our members.

Change comes slowly but please understand this directory was built for the metal detectorist...By a metal detectorist, not someone who came up with a scheme to make money.

With the amount of rings that are being found without the owners...Here's a chance to change that! Visit www.TheRingFinders.com/opportunity to learn more about being listed and if you have any questions I will contact you.

Happy Hunting to all, and may the gold find you soon!

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