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Organized hunts and treasure-hunting shows are a great way to pick up tips to make you a more successful hunter, meet fellow hobbyists and even check out that new piece of equipment you have had your eye on.� Listed below are some upcoming events across the United States.� If there is one planned for your area or in a location that you can combine a family vacation to attend, mark your calendar and start making plans . . . you will be glad you did and as many have found, attending hunts can be highly addictive!

NOTE: If you are involved in an upcoming event that you want to let FMDAC members and visitors to our website know about, let us know and we will get the information published on this page

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Date:          November 06, 2020
Event:         Three Days
Location:     Stanton, Arizona
Event:         2020 Detector Hunt at Stanton
Sponsor:      LDMA-Lost Dutchman Mining Assn
Phone:        800-551-9707
Event Description:    Held at LDMA Stanton Arizona, Stanton, Arizona 85332

Get ready to get swing it, have a ton of fun, and git some GOODIES and GOLD!

Your GPAA-LDMA National Swing Dancing Detector Hunt is just around the twist. Swing Dance Participants will be hunting for targets, coins, and prizes. Get your groove on and Digger may enhance your gold-waltz

Have you ever danced in the dirt before? Are you unsure that your partner will be there in tune with your every move? Swing to the left, swing to the right, listening with anticipation. At that precise moment, you dip your partner down low to the ground, look deep (not really) into the dirt, and uncover a beautiful target!

It is more than just Swinging a Detector in the Dirt. . . . you will meet people from all over the country, that love the thrill of what they can unearth when they hear mineral tones fill their headphones. This will be a good time for all … even the kids too!

There are multiple hunts scheduled throughout the morning. The hunts are for everybody … brand new to detecting, the pro, and even kids will have their own special hunt for treasures and learning center.

Swing Dancing Party participants will swing their detectors in the quest of hunting for all types of coins, silver, tokens and more. You may just swagger away with a new metal detector, gold, detector accessories, coins, silver, gold or a rusted out tin can....(which may have a secret prize to later be revealed).

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