It’s time to think about planning your club’s 2021/22 open metal detecting competition hunts & gold prospecting shows & events. Once your hunts, shows, and event is defined and setup the next step is to get your event’s information out to the metal detecting & gold prospecting community.

I would like to suggest that one of the places to advertize your hunt, show and event is with To advertize your events at MDHTALK does not cost you anything but a little of your time to email the event information to the website.

The benefits your club’s hunt, show & event gets by advertizing on MDHTALK are:
1st Your hunt, show and event information is put into a searchable database.
2nd The website user or visitor can search the database two different ways.
 A) The site user can search for events by month.
 B) The site user can search for events by state.

3rd Your event will be noted in the monthly MDHTALK news brief.
4th The MDHTALK website gets over 900 to 1000 visitors & viewers a day.

There are two ways to provide your events information to MDHTALK. First just select the Contact US Tab in the upper right hand side of the screen on any website page. Select either:
1st) Email MDHTALK Tab
2nd) Select the Provide Event Information Tab

The information required is listed below.
  • Sponsor cub’s name
  • Event name
  • Event start date with number of event days
  • Location of the event
  • Contact information: email address and or phone number
  • Website link if one is available
  • As much information about the event you want to share with detecting & prospecting community.
  • You can also email a copy of your event’s .pdf file and it will be posted for download by viewers.
So give listing your Club's hunt, show and event with MDHTALK some serious consideration there are many benefits.

Web-Links to Other Hobby Related Show Calendars

Check out your event before going it may

have been canceled or postponed.

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MDHTALK Metal Detecting Competition Hunt List

2021/22  Metal Detecting Competition Hunts

Date:          September 03, 2022  Event:  (Two Days)
Location:     Crab Orchard, Kentucky
Event:         4th Annual Moonshine Treasure Hunt
Sponsor:      Terry and Brenda Causey
Phone:        317-903-6459
Event Description:    9/3/2021 Saturday

9:00-10:00AM Registration
10:00-10:30AM Fun, Token & Clad Hunt
11:30AM Silver Hunt
12:00-1:15PM Lunch
1:30PM Main Silver Hunt
2:00PM Kids hunt**FREE
2:15PM 50/50 and Raffles
2:45PM Relic Hunt– Additional $25 Fee
**Kid’s Hunt available pending registration numbers**

9/4/2021 Sunday

8:30-9:30AM Registration
9:30-10:00AM Fun, Token & Clad Hunt
10:30AM Silver Hunt
11:00-12:15PM Lunch
12:30PM Ladies Only Hunt-Additional $25 Fee
1:00PM 50/50 and Raffles
1:15PM Main Silver Hunt
Conclusion of Main Hunt –
2:00PM Open Field Hunt

MDHTALK Gold Prospecting Shows List

2021/22 Gold Prospecting Shows
At this time there are no Gold Prospecting
2021/22 Events listed for this month.