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Metal Detecting Catch Mat Tip

Misc Tip:       Metal Detecting Catch Mat Tip
Contributor:     Tom Tanner

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This is what I do to make a rubber catch mat for turf metal detecting.

I go to a truck and tire place (the type that service big rigs and heavy equipment). Fish in their dumpster for a large diameter inner-tube.

Then cut a dinner plate sized square-ish portion out. You must cut it in such a way as to where the concave interior side (the rounded dish shaped interior) creates a slightly cupped shape. By cutting open an inner-tube, and observing how it naturally bends/curves, you can see where you are going to need to cut.

Then cut to shape, wash it up, and there you go. A single inner tube will make 5 or 6 of these rubber catch mats.

The benefits of this type of catch mat are:

1) the rubber resists dirt (doesn't absorb like a cloth towel would, for instance), & cleans off easily.

2) It folds up tight to put in your apron (see the pix), yet pops out to full size with a "spring-out" action of the pre-formed inner-tube slight concave shape it was originally in.

Note: Be aware that rubber inner-tubes come in different gages (thicknesses) and that the thinner gages are preferable.

a) The thinner gages fold / roll up into a smaller fold.

b) The thinner gages perform the same function, so no need for the thicker gauge of rubber.

                   Dinner Plate Size                                                          Folds up Tight