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MDHTALK Metal Detecting Tip

Fill Your Holes and Remove Trash

Target Recovery Tip:       Fill Your Holes and Remove Trash
Contributor:     Lee Wiese

Tip:   MDHTALK's Metal Detecting Ethics Most beach metal detectorist have walked onto a beach and experienced a situation where there was or is someone metal detecting the beach. Upon closer evaluation one finds that the beach is full of holes and that trash dug is lying on top of the sand pile next to the hole--disgusting.

What should one do in this situation? If one follows the metal detecting code of ethics then you will approach the person and discuss the situation with them try to educate the individual. Hopefully, you will be successful but you will come across individuals that will completely dismiss any advice and continue to do as they have been doing. However, you do have the satisfaction of knowing that you followed the code of ethics and your own values by confronting the individual.

If no detectorist is present who made the holes and left the trash then you as a good detectorist are left with the burden of picking up the trash and filing the holes before you start detecting.

Why worry about filling holes and picking up the trash?

1) There are many people that visit the beach; some just enjoy the beach outing and others run on the beach but in all cases someone could step into a hole left by a detectorist and seriously injury themselves.
2) Leaving trash that is dug on the beach is rude to beach goers and one should leave the beach cleaner than when he or she arrived. Plus on your next visit to this beach you do not want to detect and dig the same trash items again.
3) Other beach goers may be watching you detect and leaving holes and trash will not provide a very positive hobby image to the viewing public.

Conclusion: In this situation at least four statements from the code of ethics apply. This tip enforces the need for all detectorist to practice the code of ethics during any metal detecting experience. Everyone will benefit from applying the code.