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Salt Water Dry Sand Beach Detecting Tip-1

Beach Tip:       Salt Water Dry Sand Beach Detecting Tip-1
Contributor:     Lee Wiese

Tip:   BeachMetal detecting dry beach sand areas requires close observation as to where the beach goers utilize the beach. The recommendation is to visit the beach to observe where the heaviest beach traffic areas are located. Take photos of the beach during your trip so that you can reference the photos later.

Later in the day after the beach goers are gone start by detecting the soft sand from the crest* toward the back of the beach perpendicular to the water. The search depth away from the crest should be determined by your earlier photos. Usually there is a blanket line that runs parallel to the beach crest. The depth of the blanket line can vary and in the photo on the right there are at least two blanket lines and possibly three. Blanket lines are where the beach goers lose coins, jewelry and other personal items. On this beach you would probably detect from the crest to the back edge of the beach.

Remember always sweep the coil slowly using a slow over lapping coil sweep pattern. Listen for those soft low target tones which can mean small pieces of gold jewelry or in many cases just aluminum foil but always dig all target signals at the beach. Continue this search pattern for the entire beach area you intent to cover.

*crest is where the sand starts to slopes down towards the waters edge.