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Target Water Recovery Techniques

Beach Tip:       Target Water Recovery Techniques
Contributor:     Lee Wiese

Tip:   Recovering targets from shallow water is relativity easy but as the water gets deeper different recovery techniques are required and the severity of the surf or wave action will add another layer of difficulty to the recovery process.

Less than two feet depth.
The recovery of targets at this depth level can be accomplished with a dry sand type of screened scoop. It is recommended that the scoop handle be at least 12 inches long.

Two to five feet depth.
At this depth the screened sand scoop is not the proper tool to use unless you are willing to wear some snorkeling gear like eye goggles plus you may need a weight belt.

Recovering targets from this depth can be better accomplished by using a long handled water scoop (48 to 54 inches). There are two scoop bucket sizes to consider; five inch and six inch. The recommendation is to use a five inch scoop due to the sand weight that must be lifted at the more extreme depth. The scoop can be a fixed length handle (one piece) or the travel handle that breaks down into two pieces.

Greater than five feet depth.
Once you are at five feet or greater the scoop option becomes less inviting. The probable solution here is to drop down into the water at the target’s location and fan the sand with your hand until the target is visible. This technique will work well at most depths but is probably easiest to apply at the greater depths.

Other specific techniques and tools to consider that will enhance you target recovery are: