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Tide Table Explanation

Beach Tip:       Tide Table Explanation
Contributor:     Lee Wiese

Tip:   Tide TableTo the left is a typical tide table found on the web. Usually it will display the city name, in some cases a GPS co-ordinance, date, time (24 hour clock), time zone, the two high and low tides each 24 hour period with sunrise & sunset times.

The high and low tides are recorder in feet from relative mean sea level which is a zero level. A low tide may exhibit a negative number (ie: -0.9 feet) this will be the lowest point of the tide and will occur at a specific time (ie: 14.59 PST in the table) this tide is negative relative to mean sea level. High tides are recorder in feet with a positive number so at 08:08 PST the tide is 5.87 feet above relative mean sea level.

The graph represents the table data overlaid on a 24 hour clock period placed on the graphic bottom (x-axis) on the left side (y-axis) the measurement is in feet (ft). The graph displays the four tides during a 24 hour period for a given beach . Generally the best metal detecting takes place at the 24 hour period lowest tide by detecting two hours before and two hours after the low point of the tide.