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Build Your Research Library

Misc Tip:       Build Your Research Library
Contributor:     Jerry Eckhart

Tip:   Some of you know this, while others may not, but you can build quite a treasure research library by haunting the garage sales. You may find history books pertaining to your area and other hobby related historical books that will also help.

If you are just starting out, look for outdated issues of the Red Book of Coins. While the prices may be inaccurate, the history and information on coins will be valuable.

Old books such as outdated antique guides, gun books or knife books will all have valuable information on their particular subject. As a matter of fact, I have found the old Gun Digest Annuals to be very worthwhile because they often are more extensive in their listings of antique guns. And, occasionally, you may find old letters or books of memories that help in locating older potential detecting spots in your area.