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MDHTALK Metal Detecting Tip

Metal Detector Travel Repair Kit

Travel Tip:       Metal Detector Travel Repair Kit
Contributor:     Lee Wiese

Tip:   Repair KitTraveling and using metal detectors in a remote location from your primary residences requires some planning. Putting together a metal detector repair kit to take on your travels can turn a potentially disastrous broken metal detector situation into a great trip. The photo on the left is a kit that can handle repairs for two different major detector brands. The contents of the kit are:  
 1) Two Lower Rods (different types)
 2) Tie Wraps: four & eight inch
 3) Roll of Black Tape
 4) Pack of Batteries
 5) Spare Headphones
 6) Lower Rod Bolts and Bushings
 7) Two Stainless Arm Cup Bolts
 8) Multi-Purpose Tool
 9) Screw Driver (Common & Phillips)
 10) Knife and Set of Small Allen Wrenches
 11) Spare Knob and Rubber Seal Lubricate
 12) Two Rod Stainless Steel Spring Clips

Any kit should model your detectors hardware and may have slightly different content however it needs to be equipped well enough to handle emergency detector repairs in the field. If traveling by plane always keep the kit in your checked baggage. Put the kit's small items into a heavy duty zip-lock bag for transportation. Use zip-lock bags to hold down the air travel weight factor. See the photo on the left with kit items in a zip-lock bag.