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Using the DD Coil

Target Recovery Tip:       Using the DD Coil
Contributor:     Jerry Eckhart

Tip:   I have had several of my local customers ask me about the new DD search coils that are being put on some of the new Garrett and White's metal detectors. Today’s DD coil is an entirely new breed of search coil.

The increased size of the search coil increases the depth of detection dramatically and is responsible for identifying good targets in previously worked out areas. The increased size of the coil does make it a little troublesome to work in brushy areas, but the chances of finding more targets is worth the extra trouble. The fact that the DD coil sends out a wedge or knife blade shaped transmission signal rather that the cone shaped transmission signal common with coaxial (round) coils also makes for good coverage, while providing good target separation. You get good coverage, and as the wedge transmission signal goes into the ground, it covers fewer targets at one time. That means you can detect a trash object and then a good target a few inches away.

Not too long ago, I was searching an old burn pile with the new AT Pro. I detected three targets within a six inch area. The first target signaled iron, the second a good target and then another iron reading. Naturally, I dug the good reading first which turned out to be a silver ring. The other two targets were nails. Even in that small of an area, I felt that was good performance. This type of target identification has happened more than once. I will grant you that it’s a little more difficult to pinpoint with the DD coil, but the more you use one, the better you will become. Overall, I can recommend the DD Coil, especially when you are searching for relics.

In the near future, I hope to be able to give it some serious tests over some worked out areas. I think it will open them up to new production. In case you are interested, the new White V3i comes with a DD coil as standard issue. I haven’t worked with it too much, but it seems a little more difficult to pinpoint. I do know that those who have them report very good results.