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Ethics for Responsible Metal Detecting
  • I will check Federal, State, County and Local Laws before searching. It is my responsibility to KNOW and UNDERSTAND THE LAW.

  • I will report to the proper authorities, individual who enter and / or remove artifacts from Federal or State Park / Preserves / Historical Sites.

  • I will never remove or destroy priceless historical archeological treasures.

  • I will not enter Sacred Church or Parish Grounds or Cemeteries for the purpose of metal detecting.

  • I will protect our Natural Resource and Wildlife Heritage.

  • I will not enter private property without the owner's permission and when possible, such permission will be in writing.

  • I will take care to refill all holes and try not to leave any damage.

  • I will remove and dispose of any and all trash and litter that I find.

  • I will not destroy or tamper with any structures on public or private property or what is left of Ghost Towns.

  • I will not contaminate wells, creeks, or other water supplies.

  • I will not tamper with signs, maintenance facilities or equipment and leave all gates as found.

  • I will approach and educate those who do not follow good metal detecting practices.

  • I will not metal detect in competitive hunts if I am the Hunt Master or plant hunt targets.

  • I will make every effort to return found property to its rightful owner.

  • I will be an ambassador for the hobby, be thoughtful, considerate and courteous at all times to others and their property.