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This template is a suggested general meeting agenda for metal detecting and prospecting clubs. The agenda template also includes some definitions and responsibilities for portions of the agenda.

Welcome from the President (The president should provide meeting leadership by requiring the club’s various volunteers and membership to be involved in the meetings content.)
Visitor Introduction (Have each visitor present themselves to the club.)
New Member Introduction (Have each new member present themselves to the club)

Ice Breaker (Optional Joke, this joke should rotate between the board members.)

Secretaries Report (Recaps the previous monthly meeting minutes and asks for corrections.)

Treasure Report (Provide the membership with monthly financials and how the club is doing against its budget.)

Vice- Presidents Message
Membership Report (Chairperson Handles Membership Registration.)
Hunt Master Report (Individual Responsible for all of the Club’s Planted & Unplanted Hunts.)

Committee / Chairperson Reports (This is a suggested list of Committees and Chairpersons that may be part of any club. If these or other positions exist in your club the spokes person for a specific function should be required to get in front of the membership and provide a report each month.)
Individual Member Reports (Individual members may have knowledge about related hobbies that may be of interest to the membership)

Review of Old Business (Previous Meeting’s New Business)

New Business (New Topics and Discussion)
Finds of the Month (Show and Tell)
Break (15 minutes)

Special Events
Monthly Raffle (Raffle Chairperson handles all aspects of the club raffle.)
Adjourn Meeting (Recap of important issues before adjournment)

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