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Permission to Search

There are no property's (land) in the U.S. that will not have an owner, either public or private. To be able to metal detect on these lands you may need the property owner’s permission and when ever possible it is best to get permission in writing (Private Property Only).

Remember that all National Park Lands, National Recreation Areas or any other Historical lands, monuments or building are off limits to metal detecting or even having a metal detector in your possession on these lands may be against the law.

Also many states, cities, school entities and counties have regulations that will make metal detecting against the law. In some cases there may be a requirement to get a metal detecting permit from a public agency.

If you are successful in getting permission to search, remember to ask the property owner if there are historical locations on the property. This is important as you may not detect at an historical place on the land (This may vary from State to State) even with the property owner’s permission.


The following permission letter is not a lawyer created metal detecting legal letter. If a MORE formal permission to metal detect letter is required you must contact a legal representative in your area.

Liability Waiver:

Please note the following concerning a liability waiver. Waivers maybe used between individual, however, if there is an injury or other issue that may arise insurance companies could get involved from either party. Insurance Companies will probably not honor any previously agreement made between the parties either oral or in writing.

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Informal Permission Letter

Mr. _____________________________
Address: ________________________
Phone: __________________________
Let me introduce myself:

My name is: ______________________
Address: _________________________
City: ____________________________
State: ___________________________
Phone: __________________________
Email: ___________________________
Date: ___________________________
I have been engaged in the hobby of metal detecting for many years and find the hobby very interesting, enjoyable and healthful plus the hobby allows me to meet many interesting people.

Recently, I have found information that your property and the surrounding area goes back many years and property age usually indicates that there maybe some relics on the property. I would like to obtain your permission for myself and possibly a friend to do some metal detecting on the property.

I want you to understand that I always respect the property that I metal detect and try to leave it in the same condition as I found it. Normally the targets are no deeper than four to six inches and I retrieve targets with very precise target recovery tools.

In addition, I would like to offer my services to you. Perhaps you or someone you know has lost a ring or some other sentimental item. I  would be willing to metal detect for the lost item and return the item to the original owner for no charge or recovery fee.

I have enclosed a self addressed envelope for your convenience and would be happy to meet with you for further discussion or I will call you in a few days to discuss the possibly of metal detecting your property.

Thank you.
(Your Name)  

Attached is a copy of our Metal Detecting Ethics

Ethics for Responsible Metal Detecting