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Sample Waiver or Release Form

Event Name Sponsor by Club

Club Name - Release / Waiver Form - Date

As a member of the ___________________________Club. I __________________________fully understand that attending the __________________________outing I will be fully responsible for my actions and at no time will have a legal or financial claim against, nor hold responsible, any club member or club officer of the ___________________________________club for any equipment lost or damage, monetary compensation for mileage and time or for any bodily injuries that I may receive by my participation in the ______________________________________ Outing.

By participating in any event, I am assuming the risks associated with the outing and I release the above named club, their officers and individual members from any liability.

By signing this waiver I understand that I release all property owners (private land owners and mining claimants) of any liability or responsibility for any accidents, injuries, problems that may occur during this outing on their property.

I will be responsible for my own equipment and actions and agree to NOT hold _______________________________________________ responsible in any way. By having signed this document I agreed to the above terms.

Signed: ________________________________ Date: ________________ Time: ____________


The following waiver is not a lawyer created metal detecting legal letter. If a MORE formal waiver is required you must contact a legal representative in your area.

Liability Waiver:

Please note the following concerning a liability waiver. Waivers may be used between individual, however, if there is an injury or other issue that may arise insurance companies could get involved from either party. Insurance Companies will probably not honor any previously agreement made between the parties either oral or in writing.

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