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Web Link to the MDHTALK Legislation and Regulations Metal Detecting Page

WWATS - Texas Treasure Show 2009 Keith Wills
The following eight - 10 minute You Tube videos represent Keith Wills presentation on the condition of the Metal Detecting Hobby and what can be done.
Video One, Video Two, Video Three, Video Four, Video Five, Video Six, Video Seven, Video Eight

Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs
                                   Inc. (FMDAC)

FMDAC Website

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The Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs Inc. (FMDAC) was organized in 1984 as a legislative and educational organization and incorporated, as a non-profit, non-commercial, non-partisan organization.

The FMDAC's Mission: The FMDAC is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and protection for the hobby of recreational metal detecting and prospecting.

The FMDAC's Purpose:
To unite, promote and encourage the establishment of metal detecting clubs.
To preserve the sport / hobby of recreational metal detecting and prospecting.
To make available to FMDAC clubs and Independent members information pertaining to the hobby and to keep members informed as to active legislation.

The FMDAC's Goal is to Educate and inform the public as to the merits of recreational metal detecting.

November 24, 2017 Press Release
Hello to the FMDAC Membership.

A big thank you to all who attended the Gettysburg function. Everyone appeared to have a good time. The weather was great on Saturday. Sunday was a different story. The forecast predicted a total washout to begin early morning and continue non stop. Somehow the gods looked down on us and had pitty. Marge Cleaves said it was her late husband Doug's intervention. So thank you Doug! The sky was fairly clear and the rain held off throughout the first hunt. The second was moved up 2 hours and it began misting before it ended. When the original hunt time came around there was a soaking rain that lasted the rest of the day. We were all cleaned up and on our way out by then. The Saturday hunt was put on by the Central region director Don Hayes. The token for a Tecknetics T2 (donated by Mike Race) was won by the FMDAC secretary Frank Colletti. After the hunt everyone was off in various directions. Some went to the Civil War Relic show some went to tour the battlefield, and some to the many shops, museums and other attractions scattered throughout the area.

On Saturday evening we gathered in the breakfast area at the host hotel. Pizza and drinks were served. That was followed by a talk by VP Ed Burke whose ancestor was present at Gettysburg. His great grandfather was in the 56th PA infantry who fought in the first days battle. They were forced to flee through the streets of the town being vastly outnumbered by the Confederate forces. Read the Complete Press Release

April 28, 2017
FMDAC News Release
Hello FMDAC members
It’s been awhile since I have put out a message. Life has been busy.

Good news is that it has been a while since we have seen anything in the legislative department. Maybe it was the election cycle that has kept everyone’s attention off of us. However as I always say. There may be things happening that we do not know about so do not hesitate to contact us if you hear of something.

That silence was broken early on this year as there are two ongoing situations right now in which detecting has been banned. I will not divulge the locations right now as they are being worked on a local level. The first one involves the changing of a decades old ban that has not been enforced. A new parks department administrator took over and decided to enforce it. The local club has met with him and they are working on it. It appears to be on a good path at this point.

In the second a ban was suddenly put into place with zero public knowledge or input. The city attorney wrote it on his own and presented it to the city council who immediately voted unanimous approval. No discussion, no representation from those it effects and no public notice. This ban affects ALL city property including curb strips. It is in the fact finding stage at this point. The local community has been instructed to contact the council to get a lot of questions answered. Read Full Released

Attention everyone......March 15, 2017
Just found out about this bill in the NH legislature. It has already passed the House and is in the Senate. It apparently passed the house by a voice vote. The full text of the bill is below. Really simple as it says dredging is banned. I know this is not metal detecting proper but we are all in this together. Many people are involved in both hobbies. So lets act quickly to try to put the brakes on this one.

Also there are 2 cities that have recently banned detecting. We are working with them on a local level right now.

Here s a link to the NH senate committee where the bill is at right now. Web link

Here is the senate contact page. Web Link

New Hampshire House Bill 591  Sponsors: Web Link

If you live in NH then please contact your senator. If you do not then please contact the committee and any senators and let them know about your vacation plans.

Mark Schuessler, FMDAC National President

August 14, 2016 FMDAC Press Release
SAA Task Force on Professional Archaeologists, Avocational Archaeologists, & Artifact Collectors Web Link
September 07, 2015 FMDAC Presidents Message Read Here
March 05, 2015 FMDAC Presidents Message 1st Qtr Select Here
November 13, 2014 FMDAC Presidents Message Fall 2014 Select Here
May 09, 2014 - Presidents Report on Facebook or View This PDF File
May 09, 2014 - FMDAC's Response to the Massachusetts Metal Detecting Issue Fackbook or View This PDF File
December 27, 2013 - Presidents Report on Facebook
August 24, 2013 - 2013 2nd Qtr President's Report

MDAW - Metal Detecting Association of Washington

MDAW Website

MDAW FaceBook

The Metal Detecting Association of Washington was started to promote, protect and preserve recreational metal detecting here, in the State of Washington. Some of the concerns related to detecting in this state are unique to the Pacific Northwest. As a group we strive to work with hobbyists, in clubs or not, who want to enjoy metal detecting, follow the rules set down about the hobby and in some cases help to change those rules. The MDAW works in cooperation with the Office of Historical and Archaeological Preservation of Washington State and Washington State Parks.

The MDAW is an active organization of metal detecting clubs and individuals throughout Washington State working to promote recreational metal detecting for the public.

A project being worked on at this time is trying to get state parks to open more areas within the designated state recreational lands to recreational metal detecting.

Having completed an educational workshop with staff from the archaeological preservation office of Washington State. We have what we feel is a good working relationship and are working to keep it that way.

On the following pages you will find many parks and other areas that may be open to metal detecting.  Always make sure that an area is ok to detect.

Please read these links to the latest WA State Park rules.

Metal Detecting Maps Be sure you check maps and complete a metal detecting brochure.

County and city rules may vary. Please check with the individual parks departments.

  Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs

The purpose of the TAMDC shall be to unite, promote, and encourage metal detecting clubs in Texas, through education and instruction in the recovery and preservation of historical facts, relics, and artifacts. It is the intent and charter of this association to develop and maintain a positive image for metal detectorists and their activities at local, state, and national levels through performance of selected community service projects and through adherence to the TAMDC code of ethics.

T.A.M.D.C. Website

T.A.M.D.C. FaceBook Page

The Historical Hearne-Gidden Home Coming Back to Life
From Houston to Ft. Worth, from Dallas to Austin, and all towns in between, twenty metal detectorists from the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs (T.A.M.D.C.) converged on Kosse, TX on December 16th in partnership with the Kosse Heritage Society for a T.A.M.D.C. “GIVES BACK” Community Service Project. The purpose of the event was to help raise awareness and funds for Kosse Heritage Society’s, Hearne-Gidden Restoration Project, by recovering historical artifacts from the ground around the historical home. Read More

World Wide Association of Treasure

(WWATS Website) - Keith Wills

04-25-15 The "State" of Our Hobby
By: Keith Wills
The excitement and adventure of treasure hunting for gold nuggets, old lost coins, lost jewelry, and items from our past is in everyone's blood, for we all seek what we do not have. For me, I started metal detecting as a kid to build my first coin collection, it was much more intriguing to search for lost treasures beneath my feet than simply buy a coin collection, which I could not afford at the time.

For over 43 years now my father and I have enjoyed metal detecting together with great success. I will always have our memories we shared of putting on those headphones and the rest of the world disappearing for us. The sweet competition we shared in seeing at the end of the day which of us had found the nicest piece of jewelry or the most coins. We always look forward to that next treasure hunt adventure. However, as time goes on, many outside forces interrupt our long time-shared fun together, even when we fight to hold on to the right to continue to enjoy it.

Today the average metal detector user finds him or her surrounded by new laws enforced to restrict our freedom to enjoy a recreational pastime. However, it may not be too far in the future we see even our own property and our right to do with that property as we wish, taken from us as well. Everyday new laws are going into effect; new Bills are being pasted by our elected officials that most of us are unaware of. To be honest with you, our government has lost the direction of "for the people" yet now enact more laws "against the people". Special interest groups and our government are pushing Bills to restrict American rights; even in our hobbies we enjoy every day. Read More 

Join WATTS Application

The Western Mining Alliance is the organization of independent miners across the West. Since our inception in the small, historic mining town of Laporte where we had three people, we have now grown into a movement of thousands of miners. Based in Reno, Nevada, The Western Mining Alliance is defending the rights of over 55,000 claim holders across the West. Our objective is simple, to restore our Constitutional rights to mine and to present science based evidence on the truth about mining.

Western Mining Alliance Website

Western Mining February Newsletter

Western Mining Alliance Facebook Page

March 03, 2013 New Newsletter Legal Updates 
Oregon Bohmker Updates provided by Waldo Mining District
Losses and recovery of historic gold mines
How to identify California diamonds
Murphy's Bar
A couple of claims on the North Fork of the Yuba offered for sale
NORCAL and SOCAL Claims Reports available for purchase now

December 14, 2017 Western Mining Alliance Press Release

AMRA-American Mining Rights Association is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit Association and was created by miners and public land users, for miners and public land users to preserve and maintain their rights as they pertain to access to their public lands and their rights to obtain the minerals on those lands. We are not a gold club but rather an advocacy group.

AMRA Website

AMRA FaceBook Page

March News Link

Get the Latest News from these websites. Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) - News on legal issues for the gold prospecting community.  

Gold Prospectors Website

GPAA - Facebook Page

March News Link

Prospecting and Mining Journal (IMCJ)- News on legal issues in the gold prospecting community.

Prospecting and Mining Journal Website

IMCJ Facebook Page

March News Link

Public Lands for the People - A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Public Lands for the People Website

PLP Facebook Page

PLP was constructed for the purpose of representing all outdoor user groups and individuals that are interested in keeping public and private lands open to prospecting, mining, and outdoor recreation on a non-discriminatory basis! PLP assists groups to join forces to maintain the laws and rights of all citizens on public and private lands (Federal, State and City). PLP will assist with representation at public hearings of government agencies that are proposing limitations and restrictions on the lands that belong to the people. PLP DOES LITIGATE! We will file injunctions, when necessary, to prevent governmental agencies from discussing public issues behind closed doors and calling them “personnel meetings”. We will come to the aid of, and give individual attention to, persons or groups who are being harassed, intimidated or mislead by people in authority (in or out of uniform) who are attempting to enforce their own ideas or opinions of laws, rules or regulations, rather than the actual laws, rules or regulations, and what it actually means.

March 01, 2018
NEW PLP News Release
We are happy to report that we will sending our Northern California Director, Clark Pearson and Scott Harn of the ICMJ (Mining Journal), to Washington D.C. this month to work on getting critical mining legislation passed with relief for the small-scale mining community. We are very excited about some recent developments and the direction that the Trump administration is heading. It is looking more and more like now is the time to get Congressional clarification regarding Federal mining law and to get rid of multi-layered regulation.

Public Lands for the People has a special fundraising effort underway for the month of March to take us towards our goals! Donate $50 to PLP in March and receive one of these great PLP hats, $10 worth of raffle tickets for our big annual raffle and renew your membership! Send donations to the address below now. Don’t miss out. Help us to help you! Read More

January 14, 2018 PLP Press Release
Yes, you read that right. RINEHART WINS! Although the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), denied Mr. Rinehart's petition to review the Supreme court of California's decision in his case; we have to admit, if the small mining community had 99 more Mr. Rineharts, we could really make a difference! Here is a man who for the last 6 years has stood up for his rights under federal law regardless of what the outcome might be. We must thank Mr. Rinehart for his commitment and for setting an example for everyone. That is a WIN! Unfortunately, Mr. Rinehart and all of us who have supported him are dealing with a very corrupt legal system in California (in our opinion), and we believe the SCOTUS might want Congressional clarification on the Federal preemption on Federally managed lands. So far, our high-level contacts in Washington D.C. and the Trump administration know of this problem, and are looking for a legislative solution that has not reached a consensus at the moment. The recent executive order that President Trump signed (https://www.doi.gov/sites/doi.gov/files/uploads/2017minerals.eo_.pdf), that MMAC/PLP had a hand in assisting in is a good first step in dealing with this problem. Read More

December 16, 2017
PLP Press Release
Dear PLP Supporter:
Dave McCracken distributed this important message to the mining community recently. The PLP Board is more than happy to pass this along to our recipients with the confidence that most of you will read the detailed message and take the appropriate action. This will take some time, so please set aside a few hours and do your part.

We just found out that the Solicitor General has submitted a briefing to the U.S. Supreme Court which completely misrepresents what is at stake in the Rinehart case, and presents a completely false explanation of why the Supreme Court should not review the Rinehart case. This is hugely alarming since the Solicitor General is supposed to be on the side of “Making America Great Again." Here is just one more reminder of how deep and pervasive the deep state is -- or "the swamp" as it is commonly referred to. Read More

December 01, 2017 PLP Press Release
We're in Thankful mode! Thankful for YOU our fellow patriots, and our Country.

The 2018 Grand Raffle is now under way! It's a fun way to participate in the fight to keep our public lands open for multiple use. Start early getting your tickets! If you are willing to donate a significant prize to the raffle, you or your business could be featured in a full page ad in the Mining Journal. Hurry; there are only a few months still open for ads. See the last 2 months ads in the Journal. Call (844)-PLP-1990 for details.

To view the Grand Raffle flyer, please click here.

October 20,17
PLP Press Rease
Hello PLP Members & Supporters.
We are happy to announce that PLP's lawsuit against the resigned board members has concluded. PLP has possession of all bank accounts with original balances and has also recovered all property belonging to the corporation. In addition, financial records have been returned to the board by PLP's former bookkeeper, who was fired as a result of this incident. Patrick Keene, Barry Wetherby, Dwayne Platz, Ray Kender, and Mitch Noble are no longer affiliated with PLP.

Your Public Lands for the People Board of Directors are President Ron Kliewer, Secretary-Treasurer Walt Wegner, Raffle Chairman Timothy Eakin, and Special Projects Bill Samarin.

Other key positions: Comminucations Director Jerry Shodall and Legal Research Lead Clark Pearson.

Moving forward, PLP will be accelerating its commitment and relationship with MMAC and will be articulating the importance of MMAC and how its success benefits everyone in the mining community.

We have continued to do the work of PLP throughout this ordeal, and we sincerely appreciate all of you who have stood with us. We have put this incident behind us and are moving forward, working towards the goals and values we all share.

Get ready, the 2018 Grand Raffle is leaving the starting gate! Watch your email, the Mining Journal (www.icmj.com), Facebook and www.publiclandsforthepeople.org for prize list and how to purchase tickets. New this year will be a large ad in the Mining Journal highlighting our major prize donors, each month will highlight a different donor, talking about their businesses, products, history, etc.

We were in court in San Bernardino on Oct. 17th once again for the consolidated dredge cases. You can read a detailed synopsis by our attorney, James Buchal, by clicking here. We will be talking to you soon concerning Judge Ochoa's tentative ruling and how we might respond.

Thank you again on behalf of your Board of Directors,

Ron Kliewer, President

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