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          August 2017       Metal Detecting Hobby Talk News Brief                                             Volume 8 Number 88
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I would like to point out to the News Brief readers that there are a number of organizations taking on the challenge against various types of legislation dealing with metal detecting and gold prospecting. MDHTALK's recommendation is to visit their website and give strong consideration to joining the fight. In some cases your support may be to send emails and / or write a letter to specific legislators or to provide funds to help with the fight. Here are the organizations and a link to their website.
Go to the Join The Fight MDHTALK Webpage to read more about each of these organizations
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What is a News Brief?
The news brief provides a brief look into any news event. The intent of the news brief is to provide you, the reader, with news clips on what was taking place in the hobby last month. To read the whole story select the Article Link or go to There are more news stories placed on the MDHTALK website for July the news stories listed in the MDHTALK News Brief are just a portion of all the hobby related news reported the past month.  The news Brief is now available in Adobe PDF format, there is a link at the top of this webpage. The news brief is no longer emailed; it is only available on the MDHTALK website and can be downloaded.

The Website's featured article for this month:  Roaming Access to Public Lands has Disappeared for Metal Detectorist and Others
The Ideal Situation is to have complete access to public lands with no restrictions but alas that is far from today's reality.

Today's Reality is that more and more public lands are being put behind man made barriers. These barriers come in the form of laws, regulations and rules that prohibit or limit many personal outdoor activities on public lands.

This is the biggest single issue facing many out door activities (recreational metal detecting, gold prospecting, fossil and mineral collecting, rock hounding, off road vehicles, etc). Access to public lands is not just a metal detecting issue but is also the single most important major issue for the many outdoor recreational activities.

Why are more and more public lands being put off limits to metal detectorist? Metal detectorist are being pushed off of public land because the hobby is considered to be destructive by many public land managers, archaeologist and nature preservationists.

Public land managers find that their many parks, school yards and ball fields are being heavily damaged by irresponsible detectorist. Many new detectorist have entered the hobby and have not taken the time to learn how to correctly recovery a target from the turf. The result is that there is a great deal of damage caused to manicured public parks grass, ball fields, etc. All detectorists must afford the same consideration, care and non-destructive behavior toward public lands as he / she would towards their own lawn and property. Read the Complete Article
General U.S. and World Wide Hobby News
  • Oak Island treasure hunter on a mysterious quest for Royal gold. Article Link
  • Driftwood and metal detecting. Article Link
  • Metal detecting is treasure hunt for Van Wert man. Article Link
  •  Old house helps turn Andrews woman into ‘treasure’ finder. Article Link
  •  Martinez resident hopes to return found rings. Article Link
  • ‘Thrill of finding’: Hobby has become a passion for Barnett . Article Link
  • Volunteers clean up 1,676 lbs of trash on Tahoe beaches after Fourth of July. Article Link
  • Elderly man attacked on Carlsbad Beach. Article Link
  •  Myrtle Beach treasure hunters still want city permission to dig in the sand; state approves permits. Article Link
U.K. News
  • Detectorist finds rare 17th century posey ring in Peak District. Article Link
  • Caldicot school search for 'lost' buried time capsule. Article Link
  • A treasure hunter helps Cowbridge farmer. Article Link
  •  POUNDING SAND Canny metal detectorist cashes in on Troon Beach chaos by unearthing £66 in coins dropped by boozed-up teenagers. Article Link
  •  Metal detectorist finds Britain's first Roman Fleet diploma near Lanchester, in County Durham. Article Link
  • History unearthed in Shropshire. Article Link
  • Metal detectorist finds gold treasure in West Yorkshire field. Article Link
  • Johnstone man reunited with special watch he lost 50 years ago. Article Link
W.W. Meteorite News
  • Someone Just Bought That $20,000 KFC Zinger Meteorite. Article Link
  • The value of hunting meteorites. Article Link
  • KFC carved a meteorite into the shape of a sandwich, and you can buy it for $20000. Article Link
  •  NASA Warns Earth Could Be Next After Meteorite Impact Sparked Massive Explosion On The Moon. Article Link
Other News
  • Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) - News on legal issues for the gold prospecting community July News
  • American Mining Rights Association is not a gold club but rather an advocacy group for miners and public land users to preserve and maintain their rights as they pertain to access to their public lands. July News
  • Prospecting and Mining Journal (IMCJ) July News
  • Western Mining Alliance Newsletter
Jewelry Returns
  • AHL Hall of Famer Dick Gamble to get ring back after diver finds it in lake. Article Link
  • Woman’s class ring returned nearly 50 years after it went missing. Article Link
  • Returning Stolen School Ring Found On Beach To Owner. Article Link
  • Long lost ring finds its way home. Article Link
North America Archaeology News
  •  Search For Amelia Earhart Draws Archaeologist From Eugene To South Pacific. Article Link
  • Artifacts Show Lost Colony Settlers Lived With Natives. Article Link
  • Slave quarters of Sally Hemings, the maid who gave birth to six of Thomas Jefferson’s children, are uncovered and excavated at his Monticello mansion after a tourist bathroom was built over it. Article Link

Here are the winners of the 2017 PLP Grand Raffle. The drawing took place Tuesday, July 11, 2017 before the regularly scheduled PLP Board Meeting. A thank you to all who participated, and also to the Mining Journal for publishing PLP's ads. Read More

Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Events.
Now is the time to start planning and getting your club's 2017/18 hunt information on the web. The sooner it is out and available to the metal detecting community the greater the chance for people to see it and give your event some consideration.
  • August 12, 2017 Event: (One Day)
    Tunkhannok, Pennsylvania
    34rd Annual Black Diamond Treasure Hunt
    Black Diamond Treasure Hunters Club
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  • August 12, 2017 (One Day)
    Tunkhannok, Pennsylvania
    34rd Annual Black Diamond Treasure Hunt
    Black Diamond Treasure Hunters Club
  • August 18, 2017 (Five Days)
    Dixie, Oregon
    2017 Blue Bucket Camp Outting
    LDMA-Lost Dutchman Mining Assn
  • August 19, 2017 (One Day)
    Orting, Washington
    Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt
    Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club
  • August 19, 2017 (Two Days)
    New Concord, Ohio
    38th Annual Buckeye Hunt
    Sponsored by Don & Bill Hayes
  • August 19, 2017 (Two Days)
    Sonora, California
    4th Annual Gold & Outdoor Festival
    Delta Gold Diggers

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