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         April 2018          Metal Detecting Hobby Talk News Brief                                             Volume 8 Number 97
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I would like to point out to the News Brief readers that there are a number of organizations taking on the challenge against various types of legislation dealing with metal detecting and gold prospecting. MDHTALK's recommendation is to visit their website and give strong consideration to joining the fight. In some cases your support may be to send emails and / or write a letter to specific legislators or to provide funds to help with the fight. Here are the organizations and a link to their website.
Go to the Join The Fight MDHTALK Webpage to read more about each of these organizations


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What is a News Brief?
The news brief provides a brief look into any news event. The intent of the news brief is to provide you, the reader, with news clips on what was taking place in the hobby last month. To read the whole story select the Article Link or go to There are more news stories placed on the MDHTALK website for March the news stories listed in the MDHTALK News Brief are just a portion of all the hobby related news reported the past month.  The news Brief is now available in Adobe PDF format, there is a link at the top of this webpage. The news brief is no longer emailed; it is only available on the MDHTALK website and can be downloaded.

The Website's featured article for this month is: Start a Metal Detecting Club
By Lee Wiese
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How Does Someone Get a Metal Detecting Club Started?
If one searchs the internet there are a number of sites that provide an article or outline on what and how to start a club. Rather than cover old ground, this article will try to look at a new approach to starting a club.

Today the internet is probably the most important tool that can be used to start a metal detecting club. More and more people are developing their capabilities to use email and various internet search tools to pursue their hobbies. This new found internet interest and capability are the attributes that need to be capitalized on in creating a metal detecting club.

Below are some internet networking tools that can be leveraged into developing a metal detecting club membership. More comments will be made on these social networking tools as the article progresses.

1) Create a Club Webpage
2) Setup a Meetup Webpage
3) Put notification of a New Club on Metal Detecting Forums (there are many)
4) Create a Club Facebook Page
5) Create a Club YouTube Video
6) Place Notification on Craigslist

The first action is to establish a club name (avoid using the words Treasure Hunting in the name, since it may involve a negative public image about the club), once the name is identified take the first letter of each word in the name to create the internet domain name. An example: (this web site’s name is Metal Detecting Hobby Talk the domain name is: in this case the last word or the site name is part of the domain name rather than just the first letter. Once you have identified the domain name there needs to be a domain name search to determine if the domain name is available to be acquired for the club. The Go Daddy web site is a good place to go for a domain name search.
General U.S. and World Wide Hobby News
  • Denison man robbed at gunpoint over metal detector, shovel. Article Link
  • Former Woods House land dug up in community archaeology dig. Article Link
  • 'This could be the find of a lifetime!': Man stages an elaborate proposal by burying an engagement ring in the woods before taking his girlfriend on a metal detecting hike to discover' the buried treasure. Article Link
  • Treasure Hunters Claim Pennsylvania State Officials Blocking Dig for Lost Civil War Gold. Article Link
  • Unearthing the history beneath James Madison's Montpelier. Article Link
  • Flindt on Friday: Why metal detectorists keep bugging me. Article Link
  • Springfield man with metal detector unearths artillery shell in North End. Article Link
  • Metal detecting group displays its Burlington catch. Article Link
  • Letting the rings go in the sand. Article Link
  • Twins' Detecting Hobby Turns up 1923 Shreveport Medal. Article Link
  • The Curse of Oak Island: Matty Blake says everything ‘absolutely real’ on show. Article Link
  • They found bullets, bottles and a what? Article Link
  • Alum’s metal detecting club scours Hughes Stadium property for lost items. Article Link
  • The Curse of Oak Island season finale: Money Pit dive, gemstone revelations and quit or continue time. Article Link
  • Metal-detecting fan hunts for historical artifacts in Orange County. Article Link
  • Twin brothers' detecting hobby turns up interesting Shreveport medal. Article Link
  • The Curse of Civil War Gold: $140million worth of bullion at bottom of Lake Michigan? Article Link
U.K. News
  • A rare hoard of 2,000 year-old gold coins have been found in a farmer's field near Chiddingstone. Article Link
  • Norwich couple unearth valuable Roman coin hoard on Norfolk farm. Article Link
  • 15th century pot of gold found during excavation near Dutch city. Article Link
  • Treasure hunter digs into mud after ‘hearing weird scrape’ – what he finds is AMAZING . Article Link
  • Metal detectorist's loot includes Roman and medieval coins and a convict's silver love token. Article Link
  • Rare silver coin issued by rebel emperor Carausius who was the 'first Brexiteer' is sold for nearly £10,000 after being unearthed by a gardener. Article Link
  • Historic findings at Llangollen metal detector charity event. Article Link
  • Discovery of the Killingholme Treasure. Article Link
Other News Jewelry Returns
  • Man with metal detector finds, returns engagement ring. Article Link
  • A ring lost in Hawaii is on its way home to Yorkton man. Article Link
  • Mobile woman finds surgeon's class ring in Hillsdale Heights. Article Link
  • It’s a miracle! Engagement ring lost in the snow in Harborough has been FOUND!. Article Link
  • A lost gold ring becomes an instrument of 'divine intervention'. Article Link
North America Archaeology News
  • Nor'easter uncovers wreck of Revolutionary War-era ship on Maine beach. Article Link
  • USS Lexington found: Paul Allen finds aircraft carrier that saved Australia in World War II. Article Link
  • ASU experts share must-see historic sites for Arizona Archaeology Month. Article Link
  • 500 year-old pistol part found at Kannah Creek archaeological dig. Article Link
  • Protecting Native American artifacts at Lake Nighthorse. Article Link
W.W. Meteorite News
  • University of Alabama searching for family of owner of radio struck by meteorite. Article Link
  • Meteorite stolen from exhibit at Science Museum of Virginia. Article Link
  • Brilliant Fireball Lights Up the Sky Over Washington. Article Link
  • Bright-Red Meteorite Seen Above Russia's Urals Stuns Viewers (VIDEO). Article Link
  • Not every day you find a meteorite in the garden. Article Link
Gold Prospecting News
PLP Press Release  We Have Some Big News!

PLP has a proposed small miner amendment to Federal Senate Bill (S 145) sponsored by Senator Dean Heller (R-NV). This small miner amendment, written by our legal researcher Clark Pearson, solves most of the small miner’s regulatory problems observed by PLP over the last 28 years. A tremendous amount of research and on the ground practical knowledge has gone into this amendment. This amendment was written by a working small miner to help all miners, big and small. It provides clear and concise regulatory certainty in dealing with all regulatory bodies the miner faces today. It places clear respect for the “Right of Self-Initiation” under the 1872 Mining Law grant and distinguishes certain permitting to be approved by operation of law, holding the agencies truly accountable to mitigation time limits. It sets straight, clarifies and solves sticking points that have caused years of litigation and grief to the mining community from the State and Federal levels and it does it all in only 5 pages! These 5 pages will remove massive amounts of red-tape from the backs of small miners as well as big operators. This amendment addresses: NEPA, MSHA, casual use that does not require a NOI or PO, due process, Forest Service regulations, State regulations/opting out at the discretion of the miner, EAJA, mineral withdrawals, mitigation time limits/approval by operation of law, and undue regulatory interference by State agencies. PLP is presently seeking co-sponsors on the House and Senate side.

This small miner amendment is a must read and should go down as the most important piece of legislation to help the mining industry in a long, long time. It is available for viewing on PLP’s website at: ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal also has it available for viewing and comment at: and has been documenting our progress in Washington, D.C. The ICMJ has taken the lead to receive individual miner and mining association endorsements in support of the “Small Miner Amendment” on their Facebook page.
In March 2018, PLP hand delivered a request to a deputy director for administrator Scott Pruitt of the EPA signed by seven members of the Idaho State legislature in order to clear the controversy of what we perceive as unlawful NPDES permitting of suction dredgers in the United States. The progress is being extensively covered and documented by the Mining Journal and we hope to provide suction dredge miners tremendous relief soon.

Public Lands for the People wishes to encourage all prospectors, recreationalists and claim holders that have road access use not maintained by the State or County road departments within the West Mojave Conservation and Planning Area to comment. This area includes Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, CA.

Most importantly, if you have a mining claim or favorite prospect site that has road access, make sure the BLM has this route in the system and state it must remain open for your ingress and egress. Otherwise, the BLM will consider it a candidate for closure for lack of use.
Deadline to make your comments is June 14th 2018. Please see the Federal Register notice below for contact information:
Attend BLM’s Public Meetings for West Mojave OHV Travel Management Planning!

The Bureau of Land Management has published a notice marking the release of its draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and draft Land Use Plan Amendment to manage OHV recreation within the West Mojave Planning Area in Southern California. The West Mojave Planning Area comprises approximately 9.4 million acres of land. Within the planning area, BLM administers approximately 3.1 million acres of public lands.

BLM states that the draft SEIS evaluates existing OHV routes and proposes a route network that “balances access with the protection of sensitive resources.” BLM’s announcement also commenced a 90-day public comment period.

Public Meetings:
It is important for OHV enthusiasts to stay involved in the public lands management process by attending public meetings and having your voices heard. BLM invites members of the public to attend one of the following meetings from 5:00-7:00 pm:

April 17 - Hilton Garden Inn, 12603 Mariposa Rd., Victorville, CA 92395
April 18 - Kerr McGee Center, 100 W. California Ave., Ridgecrest, CA 93555
April 24 - Statham Hall (Lone Pine Senior Center), 138 N. Jackson St., Lone Pine, CA 93545
April 25 - Joshua Tree Community Center, 6171 Sunburst St., Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Submit Comments
Comments are due on June 14, 2018. Comments on the SEIS may be submitted by: email:
fax: 951-697-5299 with Attn: WMRNP Plan Amendment
mail: Bureau of Land Management, California Desert District, Attn: WMRNP Plan Amendment, 22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, CA 92553.

Additional Info
Draft Land Use Plan Amendment/Draft SEIS

BLM Press Release
Federal Register Notice

Thank you,
Ron Kliewer
PLP President
Event News
Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Events.
Now is the time to start planning and getting your club's 2018/19 hunt information on the web. The sooner it is out and available to the metal detecting community the greater the chance for people to see it and give your event some consideration.
  • April 03, 2018 (Five Day)
    Stanton, Arizona
    2018 Outing: Spring Common Dig "Dirt Part
    LDMA-Lost Dutchman Mining Assn
  • April 07, 2018 (One Day)
    Stanton, Arizona
    2018 Open Detector Hunts: Kids to Pros at Stanton
    Gold Prospectors Assn of America & the Lost Dutchmans Mining Assn
  • April 07, 2018 (One day)
    Harlingen, Texas
    8th Annual Hunt
    Rio Grande Valley Metal Detecting Club
  • April 07, 2018 (Two Days)
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    2018 LRRC Spring Club Hunt
    Lancaster Research & Recovery Club

Add Your Event Information Here

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the Complete Event Details for April
  • April 13, 2018 (Three Days)
    Riverside, California
    31th Annual Hunt Rendezvous
    West Coast Prospectors and Treasure Hunters
  • April 14, 2018 (One Day)
    Cumberland, Rhode Island
    First Annual "Pound The Ground"
    Rhode Island Relics
  • April 14, 2018 (One Day)
    Orlando, Florida
    6th Annual Sunshine Shootout & Relic Hunt
    Central Florida Metal Detecting Club
  • April 14, 2018 (Two Days)
    Cashmere, Washington
    19th Annual Gold & Treasure Show
    North Central Washington Prospectors
  • April 20, 2018 (Three Days)
    Temple, Texas
    2018 - Annual Texas Treasure Show
    TAMDC - Texas Assn of Metal Detecting Club
  • April 21, 2018 (Two Days)
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    2018 Gold & Treasure Show
    GPAA-Gold Prospectors Assn of America
  • April 21, 2018 (One Day)
    Portage, Indiana
    XP Deus Boot Camp
    Instructor: Andy Sabisch
  • April 21, 2018 (One day)
    Millington, Tennessee
    2018 Spring Hunt-Members Only
    Memphis Metal Detecting Club
  • April 21, 2018 (One Day)
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
    31th Annual Hunt
    Tidewater Coin and Relic Club
  • April 21, 2018 (Two Days)
    Blacksburg, South Carolina
    16th Treasure Hunt of The Carolinas
    Joyce and Randy Gatchel
  • April 21, 2018 (One Day)
    Nashville, Tennessee
    2018 Memphis Metal Detecting Club Spring Hunt
  • April 22, 2018 (One Day)
    Portage, Indiana
    The Minelab FBS Bootcamp
  • April 24, 2018 (Five Day)
    Marlborough, New Hampshire
    BONE #25 In Memory of Howard Johnson
    Streeters Treasure Hunting
  • April 28, 2018 (One Day)
    Toldeo, Ohio
    XP Deus Boot Camp
    Instructor: Andy Sabisch
  • April 28, 2018 (One Day)
    Wabasso, Florida
    10th Annual Treasurehunters Cookout
  • April 28, 2018 (One Day)
    Raidersburg, Montana
    Annual Claim Jumper Metal Detector Hunt
    Headwaters Chapter of the GPAA

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