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Author: Ben Castricone

He has a PhD in Anthropology / Archaeology with 20 years of Archeology research and field experience. During these 20 years he has traveled the world extensively in this endeavor.  Ben has been Metal Detecting for five years and is a member of the THSSCV – Treasure Hunter Society of Santa Clara Valley metal detecting club in California. For any archaeology questions contact Ben.

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Tip of the Week Contributor: Jerry Eckhart Email

I am 70, and fighting all the aches and pains that go with it. Metal detecting is what keeps me alive. I began treasure hunting in 1955, metal detecting in 1976, worked closely with Detex metal detectors in the 70's and 80's in developing their machines, worked as volunteer with Garrett in testing their Groundhog. I have published somewhere around 225 articles for treasure and western history magazines, self published 5 books and edited a sixth on local history. I still get out in spite of bad knees and all whenever I can. I may hurt when I get back, but my spirit feels much better.

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Author: David Howell, Email

I grew up in Del Rio, TX and married a girl from high school. We've been married 25 years this November, have two kids 21 and 18, a son-in-law and a grand daughter. I served in the USAF for nearly 21 years and retired late 2006. Now I work as a government contractor for the USAF.

“I do believe a great machine can make a really good detectorist a great detectorist. I also believe that the same person, with a machine they understand, will find more and better finds than a person with a great machine and no ability to properly use it.”

Article: In the vein of "You Might Be a Detectorist..."

Author: Roger L. Horrom Email

I retired from Boeing (McDonnell Douglas Aircraft) in 1996 after a 32+ year career in engineering and administration supporting such aircraft programs as the F-4 Phantom, the F-15 Eagle, the AV-8 Harrier , the T-45 Naval Trainer, and the high speed Aerospace Plane.

I am the President of the Midwest Coinshooters and Historical Club located in St. Louis, Missouri. I have served in this capacity since February 1995 and have been metal detecting with my wife Mary, since the early 1990’s.

I have served as huntmaster for the club’s annual Fall Hunt, issues a monthly club newsletter, serves as the club’s website webmaster. The monthly informal group hunts that I have organized for club members is one of my favorite things to do as it gives me and the members a chance to share good times metal detecting, teach newer members how to use their machines, introduce younger members to the hobby of metal detecting, and to share camaraderie among others who all have a common interest in the hobby of metal detecting.

I also have worked with a Lindenwoood College Archeology professor on several Missouri Civil War battlefield studies, and has aided local police and sheriff offices in evidence searches.

Recently, myself and fellow club members met with O’Fallon, Missouri city council members to help write a metal detecting policy to allow metal detecting within the parks of O’Fallon.

Article: Research-t​he Road to Metal Detecting Success

Author: Kerry Kadylo Email

I have a degree in history and archaeology. I've written manuals and museum publications and try to write simply and concisely. I have been fascinated with metal detecting since I was eight but I only bought my first detector, a Bounty Hunter Landstar nine years ago. I do a LOT of research so I could make the right choice for my needs and got the Minelab Explorer 2 five years ago I decided to get into beach hunting because although I found lots at parks, it didn't add up very fast. I started reading the forums last December about beach hunting and ended up getting the Infinium. I was hoping that its growing pains were over and the current model and coils had all the bugs worked out. I just got my Nuttall scoop too and I'm impressed. Much easier than sloshing around in the west sand with a shovel.

Article: IDing Gold

Co-Author: Sarah Lohberger Email

A major portion of this article was contributed by an individual who has gone on many metal detecting trips to England. Sarah is very active in her metal detecting club the Treasure Hunters Society of Santa Clara Valley (THSSCV) of California. She and husband (Dan) both hold or have held club offices and are active members of the club’s board. I would like to thank Sarah for her time, knowledge, and expertise in helping to make this article a reality.

Article: Preparation for a Metal Detecting Trip to England

Paul Long, Email

Detective County Sheriff Office. Sergeant Long has 17 years in law enforcement and spent 5 years as a detective. He has worked as a search and rescue coordinator for 12 years. He is currently a sergeant with the County Sheriff’s Office.

Article: Volunteer Evidence Search Program

Co-Author: Jim Milbradt, Email

 Retired Highway Patrolman

Article: Volunteer Evidence Search Program

Author: Graham McCoy EmaI

I have been metal detecting for twenty-three years. I was previously employed by Continental Can Company, Container Systems Division where I was trained in sales and marketing and held the position of Regional Sales Manager for my last eight years. My advice for others who may be faced with this permit problem is to approach it in a calm, respectful manner. Put on a good face for this hobby. Try to get the best qualified person to represent you and let him or her go in alone. This will prevent others from stepping on your “Sales” pitch.

Acticle: The Springfield Park Regulation Challenge

Author: Vince A Miglore, Email

Vince Miglore is a researcher and technical writer with a keen interest in metal detecting. He's written for numerous magazines, including W&E treasures, and is former editor of a hobbyist newsletter.

"I bought a detector back in 1982, and in the first 5 minutes I found an Indian Head penny dated 1881 -right in my own front yard! Since then I've been hooked."

You'll be hooked too, when you see how great this sport is for your physical fitness, your appreciation of natural science, and most of all for the wealth of treasures you can find.

Vince is the author of Metal Detecting for the Beginner 2nd Edition, 2010 which can be found at Amazon.com and Photo Intro to Metal Detecting: An Image-based Primer at Amazon.com

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Author: Mike Smith, Email

I started metal detecting in 1985 when I lived in SW Iowa. In 1997, I started working for Elaine Schrader at Pro Mack South, a metal detecting/prospecting retail store, in Apache Junction, Arizona.

In 2000, Elaine was diagnosed with cancer and I purchased the store from her. Since I was involved with the store and a member of several clubs in the western states, the Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs (FMDAC) www.fmdac.org contacted me in 2002 and asked for my help. I volunteered to be the Western States Chapter VP; the Chapter included 8 states at that time. In 2005, I moved up to the role of the Chapter President and remained there for 5 years besides operating the Pro Mack South store. Over that time as a FMDAC Officer, I was able to help several situations around the nation to change. We helped open up a few parks and stop counties from enacting laws against detecting.

Article: How to change or fight the laws!

Author: Bailey Purcell Email

I work in IT and became a fan of metal detecting in 2014 right after my husband started the hobby. My first MD was Garret ACE 250, but now days I am using a Garret AT PRO.

Article: A Journey to Purchase a Metal Detector

Author: Tom Tanner, Email

I have been metal detecting since about 8th or 9th grade (mid 1970s). Started with a used Whites 66TR (circa late 1960's all-metal TR technology). Started hunting for beach erosion in 1980. After some serious storms in 1982/83, that I only incidentally "stumbled" on to a few good days and zones (but not really knowing what the heck I was doing), I set my mind to figuring out just when and where this stuff happens. Currently hunting with Minelab Explorer (for beach and land) and Tesoro Silver Sabre (for certain land sites). Live in Salinas and am self-employed with a street sweeper company.

Many years ago, I made a "Tom's beach tips" for a 2-part post on the old Kinzli forum. It was taken from years of hard-knocks experience, with many good friends, knocking ourselves silly trying to figure out when and where to go, as it pertains to winter storm beach erosion.

Since that time, I see that some of the weather/surf links are changed. And other links I've found in the years since, I wanted to add to the article. Then some changes, additions, clarifications, etc...

Here's the new version of the article. Enjoy. Moderators if you can move to the link section after a few days, and nix the old one. Thanks!

Article: Tom's Beach Tips
Article: Alternative View Regarding Legalities Issues
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Author: Chris Turner Ring Finders Website
I’ve been metal detecting now for 37 years and my vision was to create a directory where metal detecting specialists can list their services to help people who have lost wedding bands and engagement rings...At beaches, parks, lakes & yards etc.

Article: The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service

Author: Bob Westlund, Email - Mount Diablo Metal Detecting Club, Concord, CA

Article: I Will Remove and Dispose of ANY and ALL Trash and Litter that I FIND.

Author: Lee Wiese, Email

I have been metal detecting on & off for 35 years. I built my first metal detector from some drawings in a mechanical / electrical engineering article. Since that early detector I have owned and used almost all major brands of detectors. My recent favorites are: White's DFX, V3 & TDI and Minelab GT, X-Terra 70, Excalibur II & Explorer SE.

I got back into the hobby after retiring in the late 90s and my primary detecting focus since them has been jewelry detecting. Recently I took up competition metal detecting and found that aspect of the hobby to be very interesting and some what rewarding.

Over the pass ten years I have belonged to a number of metal detecting clubs, where I have done presentations on Metal Detecting Discrimination, Coil Selection and Salt Water Beach Hunting. I also was a volunteer officer for one of the three U.S. metal detecting associations. Five years ago I decided to educate myself on website construction and have been instrumental in updating a national association’s website as well as creating club sites plus a few other web sites.

MDHTALK has been my most challenging website since it uses DHTML, ColdFusion Server Technology, and PHP source code. The objective of the website is to provide How To Answers. I will give the site six months to see how it develops and what the response is from the metal detecting community. If it is above average on visits, and there are article contributions, it will stay. Otherwise it’s gone and I am onto something new.

Many of the articles and all of the Power Point Presentations have been put together by me. A number of the articles have been published in newsletters and some of the articles have been written by other authors. The metal detecting classes 101, 102, 103 have not been used, but I have a plan to use them in the latter part of 2010. I am always open to doing a presentation on metal detecting, website creation and other hobby related topics.

As for the site....Metal Detecting Hobby Talk is a website dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. This website is design to be a repository for metal detecting information and data. The website offers information on: laws, national resources, state resources, metal detecting clubs, local requirements, legislation, events calendar, metal detecting articles, various training classes, and many other current news events concerning metal detecting. There are also articles published from other contributors on the website.