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Metal Detecting Hobby Talk
     August 2012       Metal Detecting Hobby Talk News Brief                                             Volume 3, Number 28
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I would like to point out to the News Brief readers that there are three organizations taking on the challenge for various pieces of legislation dealing with metal detecting and gold prospecting. MDHTALK's recommendation is to visit their website and give strong consideration to joining the fight. In some cases your support may be to send emails and / or write a letter to specific legislators or to provide funds to help with the fight. Here are the three organizations and a link to their website.
    TFMDRF - Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation
    WMA - Western Mining Alliance
    PLP - Public lands for the People
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What is a News Brief?
The news brief only provides a brief look into any news event. The intent of the news brief is to provide you the reader with news clips on what is taking place in the hobby. To get the whole story select the Article Link or go to There are more news stories placed on the MDHTALK website in July. The stories listed in the MDHTALK News Brief are just a portion of all the hobby related news in July.

Website Article or the Month. Have you every wanted to know what it cost to enter the metal detecting hobby and start detecting? The article and investment cost table in this month's featured article will provide you with some insight to this question with cost benchmarks associated with each of the different areas of metal detecting. The investment cost table should  provide you with a two column analysis (good and best) for an area, however, for some areas there will be just one cost analysis column. One column will define a good investment and the other column a best investment and each column has dollar figures for comparison.

Before getting involved in metal detecting you should do some up front research rather than just go out and purchase a metal detector. Your first detector need not be expensive but should be purchased for a specific type of detecting. The various areas and sub-areas of detecting are high lighted below and are used for the column headings in the investment cost table at the end of the article. Featured Article Link     Calculate Your Investment Cost with this Excel Sheet

Club Sites, Other Websites or Forums that Linked to MDHTALK During July. Podcast: Lets Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting, Nutmeg Treasure Hunters, Gold Prospecting Supplies, Metal Detectors Info and Metal Detector Planet. Select this link to view all of the websites and forums that have linked to MDHTALK in the past. Link Directory Webpage

General U.S. and World Wide Hobby News
  • The Mother Lode Goldhounds meet every month at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Auburn, Calif. Discussions and presentations on finding gold are frequency held at the meetings. Article Link
  • Minelab has just introduced a new Hand Held Pin-pointer called Pro-Find 25. It tends to look at lot like Garrett Pro but has some additional features. It is a VLF pin-pointer with a sensitivity adjustment control. Go to the Minelab Site
  • Apollonia National Park, near Herzliya gave up a Gold coin cache valued at over $100,000. This is one of the largest caches every found in Israel. Article Link
  • Nome, Alaska. A Colorado man prospecting with a metal detector hit pay dirt with a 4 1/2 ounce nugget. Article Link
  • St. Augustine, Florida Archaeologist divers exploring an offshore 1700s shipwreck found a musket, a sword and the neck of a wine bottle. Article Link
  • Tampa, Florida - Odyssey Marine Exploration has recovered 48 tons of silver bullion from a British cargo ship, the SS Gairsoppa sunk during WWII. Article Link
  • Coldspring San Jacinto County. Hundreds of artifacts found on a historic cotton plantation and 30 year home of a couple have become a relic treasure source for the family. Article link
  • Coast Citie. - A Woman’s hobby leads to detecting history plus she isn’t one to hide her enthusiasm for metal detecting. Her car’s license plate holder reads, “digs” metal detecting. Article Link
UK News
  • A metal detectorist finds a rare Middle Ages Saxon relic a day after buying his first metal detector. Article Link
  • Swiss Gardener finds ten Gold Ingots Worth $126,000 under a bush near the Swiss border. Under Swiss law the finder can get the ingots in five years if no one claims them. Article Link
  • Jersey. With the recent discovery of 50,000 Celtic coins, a number of other treasure items have been found inside the mass of coins. Article Link
  • After reviewing thousands of historical submissions, a panel of archaeological experts have chosen the 50 greatest National Treasures. Article Link
  • Potteries Museum in Hanley. A new exhibit of previously not seen items from the Staffordshire Hoard are on display. Article Link
  • Dodderhill History Society hosted a visit for members of The Midland Metal Detecting Club. A MMDC member gave a talk on his detecting experiences around the village. Article Link
Jewelry Returns
  • Marco Island, Florida. – A visitor was at an all time low when she lost her engagement and wedding rings in the surf. A local detectorist comes to the rescue. Article Link
  • A couples lost engagement ring is found by a friend’s three day detecting effort at Lake Eric. Article Link
  • A lost wedding band found after two years is returned by a detectorist at no charge. The no charge was a surprise to the owner since the owner had been watching the new American Digger show that high lights selling items for money. Article Link
  • Women losses her ring in the local park and received three acts of kindness from individuals who volunteered to look for it. But before that could happen another women finds the ring and turns it in to the proper authorities. Article Link
  • An Eau Claire man lost his high school ring 27 years ago. The Eau Claire man received an email from a Virginia detectorist who found the ring the same year but failed to find the owner at that time. With the assistance of the internet the detectorist locates the man who lost the ring. Article Link
Legislation and Regulation Issues
  • Gettyburg National Monument officials say treasure hunters are not welcome. Someone dug 23 holes at the monument recently. Digging for relics in a National Monument can bring fines up to $100,000 with jail time. Article Link
  • Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation Is asking for help. Please take one minute and let the people of Louisville, KY know that you would like to see Metal Detecting allowed in their parks. Click on this link, and check off "other". Then type in "responsible Metal Detecting" or "Metal Detecting under permit" or anything similar. Please do this today, you do NOT need to leave your name or email address. Task Force Website
U.S. Archaeology News
  • An archaeologist has found physical evidence of De Soto's journey through Marion County. Article Link
  • ST. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands - Archaeologist in search of Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet. Article Link
  • Columbia, S.C - Couple purchase's a foreclosed house mainly to do a personal archaeological / relic dig in the home's yard. Article Link
  • An early Stafford court house from the Civil War era has been uncovered by archaeologist. Article Link
Meteorite News
  • A Two pound meteorite was found by a thirteen year old homeschooled boy with a metal detector made by his grandfather. Article Link
  • Near object earth automated collision monitoring program. Article Link
  • Celebrity Collector: Geoff Notkin remembers as a kid collecting rocks, mostly what I now know to be quartz stones. Article Link
  • The Delta Aquarid and the Perseids meteorites will send spectacular showers across the sky over the next few weeks. Article Link
Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Events

Now is the time to start planning and getting your club's 2013 hunt information on the web. The sooner it is out and available to the metal detecting community the greater the chance for people to see it and give your event some consideration. Add Your Event Information Here
  • August 04, 2012 (One Day)
    Orting, Washington
    PPSTHC - Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt
  • August 04, 2012 (Two Days)
    Tunkhannok, Pennsylvania
    30th Annual Black Diamond Treasure Weekend
  • August 25, 2012 (Two Days)
    Rapid City, South Dakota
    2012 Fall Gold & Treasure Show
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