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     October 2018          Metal Detecting Hobby Talk News Brief                                             Volume 9 Number 103
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I would like to point out to the News Brief readers that there are a number of organizations taking on the challenge against various types of legislation dealing with metal detecting and gold prospecting. MDHTALK's recommendation is to visit their website and give strong consideration to joining the fight. In some cases your support may be to send emails and / or write a letter to specific legislators or to provide funds to help with the fight. Here are the organizations and a link to their website.
Go to the Join The Fight MDHTALK Webpage to read more about each of these organizations


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What is a News Brief?
The news brief provides a brief look into any news event. The intent of the news brief is to provide you, the reader, with news clips on what was taking place in the hobby last month. To read the whole story select the Article Link or go to There are more news stories placed on the MDHTALK website for September the news stories listed in the MDHTALK News Brief are just a portion of all the hobby related news reported the past month.  The news Brief is now available in Adobe PDF format, there is a link at the top of this webpage. The news brief is no longer emailed; it is only available on the MDHTALK website and can be downloaded.

The Website's featured article for this month is: Club Volunteer Organizations
A club’s organizational structure is the heartbeat for the club’s membership at large and it is entirely made up of volunteers. The elected officers must provide the leadership atmosphere to move the club forward in the fields of hobby education, legislation activity, community involvement, guest speakers and all the other interesting and important aspects of the hobby.

Metal detecting clubs vary greatly in size with some clubs having memberships well over a hundred and other clubs with membership of 20 to 100. This means that some clubs have more resources than others but the challenges for each club’s leadership are much the same.

In the table below you will see some of the resources required for a club organization that must meets the needs of the club membership and the needs of the hobby. This list of appointee and volunteers should not be considered the only required club resources but a very good starting point.
Remember every one that holds a position in a club is a valuable volunteer who provides their time, skill and talents.

What are the roles and responsibilities of club officers and how should they execute those responsibilities?

President and Vice President must set aside their time to provide the necessary leadership for the club.
Leadership is getting members involved, delegating responsibilities, and requiring general meeting participation by all appointee and volunteers in their respective roles.
Leadership is not being the sole voice at the monthly general club meeting. Now having said that, I have witnessed clubs that do have a strong center leader, are very large and very productive. However, having many members involved in the club’s activities builds organizational strength and centralism. In the future as new officers are needed for vacant positions these positions can be filled from the appointee / volunteer members who have already gained valuable experience in club matters.
Leadership is holding regularly scheduled agenda driven board meetings. The board meeting should include all of the elected, appointed and volunteer positions. The agenda should include a review of club projects, review of open business actions and a discussion about what new club issues or projects should be considered. View or Download the Complete Article
Hobby Related News
General U.S. and World Wide Hobby News
  • Get your holiday haul on a metal detecting trip. Article Link
  • WA prospector finds $110K gold nugget. Article Link
  • A growing collection and collector. Article Link
  • Treasure found on The Curse of Oak Island: Season 6 trailer reveals team find gold. Article Link
  • Archaeologists celebrate spectacular discovery of Iron Age treasure. Article Link
  • The Rogue River's lord of the ring. Article Link
  • Detectorist demonstrates the art of the beach dig in La Jolla. Article Link
  • Okie from Muskogee: Dunlap finds ways to enjoy life, work. Article Link
  • Calgary metal detectorist seeks owner after digging up gold ring inscribed 'Audrie'. Article Link
  • Treasure is buried beneath a Missouri field, but digging it up won't be easy. Article Link
  • At pirate ship off Cape Cod, divers dodge sharks to find new treasures. Article Link
  • Florida Man Looking For Owner of Fallen Soldier Bracelet. Article Link
  • Unlikely duo finds treasure of friendship over metal detecting. Article Link
  • Searching for buried treasure at Eureka Lake. Article Link
U.K. News
  • Get your holiday haul! Metal detecting holiday costing £1,500 offers guests the chance of finding ancient relics. Article Link
  • Metal detecting could be banned for public spaces. Article Link
  • Have Metal Detector, Will Travel. Article Link
  • Hundreds of 1,500-year-old Roman gold coins found stuffed inside urn and buried beneath a cinema in Italy. Article Link
  • Hidden treasures unearthed at Detectival 2018. Article Link
  • A Very Good Doggo Just Found Incredible Bronze Age Treasure in Czechia. Article Link
  • David strikes gold... and silver with discovery 3,000 years on. Article Link
  • There’s gold in them thar hills – or at least on Hjarnø Islan. Article Link
  • Meet the metal detectors finding lost valuables in Cornwall. Article Link
  • Wrexham man finds Roman coins on farmland near Ellesmere. Article Link
  • Post-medieval gold ring and silver cufflink found in Essex are declared treasure. Article Link
W.W. Meteorite News
  • Fire Chief Finds Farm Hole in the Ground - Possible Meteroright. Article Link
  • Down to earth: Vatican brings together world's meteorite curators. Article Link
  • Space rock taken from Skye's ancient meteorite impact site. Article Link
  • After meteor lights up Perth sky, hunt begins for meteorite that crashed to Earth. Article Link
  • Hole responsible for space station leak caused by drill, not meteorite, Russia says. Article Link
Other News
  • American Mining Rights Assn is not a gold club but rather an advocacy group for miners and public land users to preserve and maintain their rights as they pertain to access to their public lands. September News
  • Gold Prospectors Assn of America (GPAA) - News on legal issues for the gold prospecting community September News
  • JW Fisher Detectors Add Clarity to Your Search with Side Scan Sonar September Press Release
  • Lost Treasure E-Magazine September Issue
  • Prospecting and Mining Journal (IMCJ) September News
  • Western Mining Alliance Newsletter
  • 1715 Fleet Society October Newsletter
Jewelry Returns
  • Kuna man finds, returns 28-year lost class ring. Article Link
  • Lost wedding ring discovered in 'chance in a million' find. Article Link
  • Labor Day Lost and Found | Family Finds Lost Wedding Ring Buried Deep on Maine Beach. Article Link
  • Class ring recovered from WWII crash scene in England is returned to gunner’s son. Article Link
  • Lost ring dug out of beach. Article Link
  • Lost Wedding Ring Found. Article Link
  • Lost medal returned after 37 years. Article Link
  • Metal detecting group on Anglesey come to the rescue of dad who lost precious gold ring. Article Link
  • Richard's thanks as community rallies to find lost wedding ring. Article Link
  • Do-gooder with metal detector returns wedding ring lost on beach for more than a week. Article Link
North America Archaeology News
  • Forest Service hiring for 1,000 spring and summer jobs. Article Link
  • Wreck of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour 'discovered' off US coast. Article Link
  • Federal Grants Awarded to History, Archaeology Projects. Article Link
  • Uncovering the Real Story Behind the 'East Bay Mystery Walls'. Article Link
  • Archaeology Center discovers vandalism at ancient sites. Article Link
  • When is it OK For Archaeologists to Dig Up the Dead? Article Link
  • Ancient remains discovered in Frio County. Article Link
 Public Lands for the People Read the Complete PLP Press Release
Public Lands for the People delivered information to the Federal EPA in Washington DC in March that legally explained that suction dredgers do not “add” a pollutant within the meaning of the Federal Clean Water Act requiring a 402 or 404 pollution discharge permit. The EPA has assured us of a decision in the near future, as it was passed to their specialists on the matter.

As we know, whether it is California’s SB 637, or the CA Water Board, or Idaho’s IDWR, they all defer to the Federal EPA regarding exemptions when the Feds choose to specifically state such. The fact is, the States get funds from the Federal government to carry out these directives. PLP is continuing to follow this matter up and resolve it under the Trump administration so that suction dredgers will not be labeled polluters requiring discharge permits in CA or any other State. PLP strongly believes that by submitting to a 402 permit, as some have advocated (see the article below this newsletter: “Surrendering to the Pollution Permit”), miners will run the risk of undermining and subverting our negotiations with the Federal EPA to resolve this issue at a national level.

PLP also believes that when the true costs of the $6,000 permit plus the cost of hiring a water monitoring engineer per dredger (or group of dredgers), at $50,000 comes to light (which is now being hidden), dredgers will be rightfully outraged as this will not be affordable, nor reasonable. We can say this with relative certainty based upon our experts with real experience in past permitting, going back to the year 2000!

On a related note, these negotiations with the CA State Water Board will not lift the existing ban on suction dredging in class 'A' waters (closed to dredging), under the Fish & Game regulations along with many unreasonable restrictions such as no winching, no dredging within 3 feet of a stream bank, 4” maximum nozzle, etc. Please review the CDFW regulations thoroughly and judge for yourself. Website
PLP has a solution to this situation through the “Small Miner Amendments to the NDAA” now presently sitting in the Minerals subcommittee in Congress under review and markup. We are presently being told by the subcommittee chair (Congressman Paul Gosar, AZ), that there is very positive interest in sponsors to get this bill on track for next year. We need and certainly appreciate your moral and financial support to keep this momentum going in the halls of Congress!

As an option, PLP is considering litigating CA SB 637 in Federal District court. Unfortunately, it's presently beyond PLP’s sole financial means without your added financial support, and especially the promised support from several mining and prospecting organizations which has vaporized. We can't even consider this option in light of the disappointing fact that AMRA and the GPAA has not committed, nor produced any civil litigation monies to PLP in the past 2 years to fight the ongoing dredge litigation against the State of California.

We believe that the more cost-effective solution is through our present Federal legislative push to override the state and the state court decisions, and to stay on track and within budget. Our “Small Miner Amendments” not only solves the dredgers problems, it solves many, many more regulatory issues in a simple but comprehensive way. Read it on our website if you have not already and tell your Congressman and Senator we need this now! Read/LEARN/Support/ Join PLP today at our website: 
Event News
Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Events.
Now is the time to start planning and getting your club's 2018/19 hunt information on the web. The sooner it is out and available to the metal detecting community the greater the chance for people to see it and give your event some consideration.
  • October 06, 2018 (One Day)
    Oregonian, Ohio
    2018 Fall Treasure Hunt
    Ohio Detectorists Assn (ODA)
  • October 06, 2018 (One Day)
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Satellite Hunt
    Texas Asson of Metal Detecting Clubs
  • October 06, 2018 (One Day)
    Milton, Massachusetts
    2018 John Govoni Memorial Open Hunt
    Massachusetss Treasure Hunting Assn
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the Complete Event Details for October

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  • October 06, 2018 (One Day)
    Long Branch, New Jersey
    27th Annual Open Beach Treasure Hunt
    Deep Search Metal Detecting Club
  • October 06, 2018 (One Day)
    Fort Worth, Texas
    34th Annual Fun Hunt
    Cowtown Treasure Hunters Club
  • October 06, 2018 (One Day)
    Cullman, Alabama
    45th Annual Deep South Treasure Hunt (Members Only)
    Warrior Basin Treasure Hunters Assn
  • October 07, 2018 (One Day)
    Norwood, Ohio
    44th Annual Open Fall Metal Detecting Hunt
    Tristate Historical Research and Recovery Assn
  • October 13, 2018 (Two Days)
    Antler, Oklahoma
    2018 WWATS Rendezvous
    WWATS - World Wide Assn of Treasurer Seekers

  • October 13, 2018 (One Day)
    Brownwood, Texas
    Annual Fall Open Competition Hunt
    Central Texas Treasure Club
  • October 20, 2018 (Two Days)
    Puyallup, Washington
    BBedrock Gold Show
    Bedrock Prospectors Clu
  • October 24, 2018 (Five Days)
    Stanton, Arizona
    2018 October Stanton Outing
    LDMA-Lost Dutchman Mining Assn
  • October 27, 2018 (One Day)
    Lincoln Park, West Seattle, Washington
    Moonlight Hunt
    Cascade Treasure Hunters
  • October 27, 2018 (One Day)
    Irving, Texas
    44th Annual Open Hunt
    Lone Star Treasure Club

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