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   October 2020         Metal Detecting Hobby Talk News Brief                                             Volume 11 Number 127
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I would like to point out to the News Brief readers that there are a number of organizations taking on the challenge against various types of legislation dealing with metal detecting and gold prospecting. MDHTALK's recommendation is to visit their website and give strong consideration to joining the fight. In some cases your support may be to send emails and / or write a letter to specific legislators or to provide funds to help with the fight. Here are the organizations and a link to their website.
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What is a News Brief?
The news brief provides a brief look into any news event. The intent of the news brief is to provide you, the reader, with news clips on what was taking place in the hobby last month. To read the whole story select the Article Link or go to There are more news stories placed on the MDHTALK website for September the news stories listed in the MDHTALK News Brief are just a portion of all the hobby related news reported the past month.  The news Brief is now available in Adobe PDF format, there is a link at the top of this webpage. The news brief is no longer emailed; it is only available on the MDHTALK website and can be downloaded.

The Website's featured article for this month is: Where is it Legal to Metal Detect?
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This question should be easy to answer but that is not the case. There are no uniform state laws or regulations across the fifty states or are there uniform municipal codes for the many thousands of cities and counties in the U.S. One way to get a handle on laws and regulations for your area is to join a local metal detecting or gold prospecting club. These clubs will usually know what the local law and regulation situation is for the hobby. So lets take one section of the U.S. at a time and try to find some answers.

National. There are a number of federal acts that control what can or can not be done on federal properties. These acts are the: Each of these acts places protection for America's antiquities plus use restrictions on federal lands, historical sites and Native American Indian burial grounds.

The 1906 and the 1997 acts have an impact on the National Park System, National Monuments, National Sea Shore Beaches, Civil & Revolutionary War Battlefields, and to some extend on Native American lands. These acts indirectly make metal detecting illegal in any of these places. If caught metal detecting or have a detector in your possession while on any of these protected places it can be a felony with tough penalties.

A typical statement on a National Monument websites is: Metal detectors are strictly prohibited on park grounds. Relic hunting by the use of metal detectors or other means is prohibited and violators will be prosecuted.

Park rangers enforce a number of federal regulations in the park, including the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36 (36 CFR), and the United States Code, Titles 16, 18 and 21.Within 36 CFR, park superintendents are granted the right to make park-specific regulations.
36 CFR 2.1 (7) Possessing or using a mineral or metal detector, magnetometer, side scan sonar, other metal detecting device, or sub-bottom profiler.

Hobby Related News

General U.S. and World Wide Hobby News
  • Liberty Park’s toppled trees give up secrets of the past. Article Link
  • Old treasure chest brimming with coins unearthed on SC beach. Then came the bad news. Article Link
  • Local metal detectors collaborate on new product. Article Link
  • Metal detecting offers a connection to the past. Article Link
  • Bomb disposal experts called after man finds 'suspected ordnance' on East Coast beach with his metal detector. Article Link
  • Jamestown Beach metal detecting ordinance changed, beekeeping OK’d for residential areas of James City County. Article Link
  • Local treasure hunter fishes WWII rifle out of river (VIDEO). Article Link
  • Michigan treasure hunter starts every day saying, 'Beach better have my money'. Article Link
  • What lies beneath: Man finds lost treasures at Grand Haven State Park. Article Link
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  • Meet the Lancing metal detectorist helping reunite residents with their treasured possessions. Article Link
U.K. News
  • Essex paddleboarder reunited with Go-Pro lost in Cornwall. Article Link
  • Metal detectorist unearths 1,150-year-old Viking board game. Article Link
  • Treasure hunter finds giant artillery shell on Cleethorpes beach. Article Link
  • 600-year-old axe heads used in hand-to-hand fighting in Battle of Grunwald found in field. Article Link
  • Hampshire a top spot for treasure trails. Article Link
  • Detectorist unearths Saxon 'treasure' on land near Swindon. Article Link
  • Ancient Russian coins discovered in Cork. Article Link
  • Northern Irish 10-year-old discovers ancient broadsword using his new metal detector. Article Link
  • “Nationally Significant” Bronze Age Treasure Sword Discovered in Scotland. Article Link
North America Archaeology News
  • Archaeological dig of Hagerstown cabin reveals African American history. Article Link
  • Archaeological Digging Continues At US 50 & State Line Ahead Of Road Improvement Project. Article Link
  • Archaeologists find War of 1812 artifacts on Horse Island, near Sackets Harbor. Article Link
  • Many relics stored from past archaeological research on American Indian sites along the Roanoke River. Article Link
  • Real-Life Archaeologist Reveals What Indiana Jones Gets Right And Wrong About The Field. Article Link
  • Dig It: Exploring the archaeology of us. Article Link
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  • American Digger Relic Roundup. For diggers and collectors of history. An hour long program every Monday Night at 9:00 PM eastern standard time. Join your hosts Butch Holcombe, Jeff Lubbert and Heath Jones as they explore the past. Learn more about Metal Detecting, Treasure hunting in all it's forms, and the preservation of history. September Pod Cast Link
  • Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine present the BIG metal detecting podcast. A weekly show bringing all areas of history together with our guests, news and much more. August Pod Cast Link
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  • The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine The Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine are one of the lead online sites in their genre. Offering multiple platforms for Archaeological, Historical and metal detecting news, articles, research areas and much more. September News
  • 1715 Fleet Society October Newsletter
Jewelry Returns
  • Man returns lost class ring to DuBois woman 48 years later. Article Link
  • Woman Who Lost Wedding Ring Shortly After Getting Married Rediscovers It Days Before 40th Anniversary. Article Link
  • Metal detectorist turns hero in desperate beach search for engagement ring. Article Link
  •  Brainerd High School class ring returned to owner 15 years after it was lost. Article Link
  • Class ring lost 45 years ago returned to its owner. Article Link
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  • Woman gets ring back nearly 20 years later. Article Link
  • Stranger finds, returns lost engagement ring after fiance takes to Facebook for help. Article Link
  • Punta Gorda man's class ring returned after 48 years. Article Link
  • Detectorist recovers lost ring of great sentimental value. Article Link
  • Lost and found: Haverhill teacher's $20,000 ring retrieved from drainage system. Article Link
  • Metal detecting 'legend' saves tourist's holiday after finding ring in ring. Article Link
W.W. Meteorite News
  • The Benld meteorite: An ordinary space rock that slammed into a car. Article Link
  • 100 Million-Year-Old Meteorite Crater Found While Drilling For Gold In Outback Australia. Article Link
  • Scientists Say: Asteroid, meteor and meteorite. Article Link
  • ‘Space rocks’: Hundreds of meteorite rocks worth up to $26,000 rain down on Brazilian town. Article Link
Jamestown Beach metal detecting ordinance changed, beekeeping OK’d for residential areas of James City County.
By David Macaulay, Virginia Gazette  Article Link

James City County’s Board of Supervisors backed tighter restrictions on metal detection on Jamestown Beach Tuesday but allowed an extension of beekeeping in the county.

JJohn Carnifax, Parks and Recreation director, said the county amended its code in January to allow metal detection in areas he designated. He said the previous law stated “no metal detecting for any reason on any county park.”

Carnifax said the relaxation of the regulation sparked concern in the community. The county set up a public meeting on Feb. 6 that attracted 33 people.

“The majority of the folks in attendance were opposed to the ordinance the way it was written,” he said. The people at the meeting thought the change was too broad and gave the director too much authority to allow metal detecting, Carnifax said.

Carnifax said he received requests in the past from metal detectorists who wanted to use Jamestown Beach. On Tuesday, he presented an amended ordinance that would only allow approved metal detecting activities under the “direct supervision of James City County staff or a qualified archaeologist as defined in the James City County Archaeological policy.” The guidelines affect metal detecting on the sandy, man-made beach portion of Jamestown Beach Event Park between October and April.

The Parks and Recreation Director said he was only aware of four people who were metal detecting on the beach before it was no longer allowed in April 2020. He said the metal detectorists sent him pictures of items they found; most of the items were debris, trash and coins.

Archaeologist Ethel Eaton told the public hearing she supported the amendment, “The concern for Jamestown Beach is it is within a listed archaeological district,” she said. Eaton warned digging has the potential to disturb important sites. She conceded some metal detection is necessary for areas like playgrounds to find dangerous items.

Supervisor Ruth Larson said she was aware of the pressure to allow metal detection on the beach. She questioned whether county staff would be available to police metal detecting.

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to restrict metal detecting.
Mark Schuessler, FMDAC President

Attention to all.

The City of Fairfax, VA is drafting an ordinance to prohibit metal detecting on all city property. The actual written ordinance is not published as of today. Here is a web link to the work meeting.

Sounds like they no idea what they are actually talking about. Please listen to it and then contact the members. you can find them at this web link.

In the video they state that a public hearing will be later this month. I am guessing that it will be via internet. If so then many can "attend" Do not know if anyone outside the city will be able to "attend" or speak.
We need to educate these people. Please be polite but firm. They have this idea that everyone is digging up all kinds of historical treasures. I would ask them exactly what they think those treasures are? Mostly clad coins and a mountain of trash! Facebook Link to Article

Public Notice No. 5513
The Town of Lusk will have the third and final reading of the following Ordinances at their regular Council Meeting on October 6, 2020. T
hey are as follows:
ORDINANCE NO. 6-20-100, An Ordinance Prohibiting Metal Detecting and Digging or Probing the Ground on Public Property within the Town of Lusk, Wyoming.
Be it Ordained by the Governing Body of the Town of Lusk, Wyoming:
Section One: a new Chapter 16 in Title 6 of the Lusk Municipal Code entitled “Metal Detecting and disturbing Public Property” is enacted and shall be inserted into the Lusk Municipal Code upon passage as follows:
6-16-100. Metal Detecting and digging, probing, or otherwise disturbing the ground on public property prohibited. It is declared unlawful for any person or persons to enter upon public property within the limits of the Town of Lusk, Wyoming for the purpose of using a metal detector to locate objects and to dig, probe or otherwise disturb the ground on said public property. Metal detecting, digging, probing, or otherwise disturbing the ground on public property except for municipal utility purposes is a misdemeanor punishable as provided in Ordinance 2-35-100 Lusk Municipal Code 2004.
ORDINANCE NO. 8-15-150, An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 8-15-150 Deleting the Words “Dispensing Room” and “Brewing Area” and Inserting the Words “Any Area of the Licensed Building Where Alcohol is Served and/or Consumed.”
Be it Ordained by the Governing Body of the Town of Lusk, Wyoming:
Public Notice No. 5513. Published in The Lusk Herald on September 23, 2020. Complete Public Notice
Event News
Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Events.
Now is the time to start planning and getting your club's 2020/21 hunt information on the web. The sooner it is out and available to the metal detecting community the greater the chance for people to see it and give your event some consideration.
  • October 02, 2020 (Two Days)
    Saunderstown, Rhode Island
    Pound the Ground Adirondack Coast
    Rhode Island Relics
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the Complete Event Details for October
  • October 03, 2020 (One Day)
    Milton, Massachusetts
    Yearly Hunt (Canceled)
    Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Assn
  • October 06, 2020 (Five Days)
    Tamassee, South Carolina
    2020 Digger's Dirt Party: 5-Day Common Dig Outing at Oconee Camp
    LDMA-Lost Dutchman Mining Assn
  • October 13, 2020 (Six Days)
    Claremon, New Hampshire
    BONE # 27
    Streeter's - Treasure Hunting Supply
Check out your event before going it may have been postponed or canceled.

Add Your Event Information Here
  • October 17, 2020 (One Day)
    Kodak, Tennessee
    First Annual East Tennessee Dirt Pirates Silver Extravaganza
    Double Trouble Detecting Club & River Team Six Metal Detectors
  • October 17, 2020 (One Day)
    Blacksburg, South Carolina
    18th Treasure Hunt Of The Carolinas (Canceled)
    Joyce and Randy Gatchel
  • October 20, 2020 (Five Days)
    Stanton, Arizona
    2020 Digger's Dirt Party
    LDMA-Lost Dutchman Mining Assn
  • October 23, 2020 (Three Days)
    Culpeper, Virginia
    All Natural Civil War Relic Hunt
    Deep Search Metal Detecting Club

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