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August 19, 2020 Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

July 14, 2020 - Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

June 17, 2020 - Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

May 18, 2020 - Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

April 20, 2020 - Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

April 09, 2020 - Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

March 24, 2020 - Garrett Metal Detectors Searcher Newsletter

March 09, 2019 - JW Fisher Detectors Remains Dedicated to Quality in Underwater Camera Systems Press Release

January 29, 2019 - JW Fisher Detectors Pulse 8X continues to outperform the competition 32 years later Press Release

November 01, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors CT-1 Cable Tracker; Indispensable when safety is paramount Press Release

September 26, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors Add Clarity to Your Search with JW Fisher’s Side Scan Sonar Press Release

August 21, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors Gives Back to the Community Press Release

July 10, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors Début at the 2018 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) Press Release

May 22, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors PT-1; Pipe Tracking Made Easy for Land and Sea Press Release

April 10, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Service Press Release

February 27, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors Selfless Servants, Always Ready; Public Safety Dive Teams Press Release

January 30, 2018 - JW Fisher Detectors F.D.N.Y. Rescue Operations Scuba Unit Press Release

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This is a free online Magazine called The Relic Hunter
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Treasure Depot Past Issue of the Depot Online Magazine You may need to be a Treasure Depot Member to gain access.
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Time Team America

The Time Team America crew has packed up its tools for the season. But if you missed the original broadcasts, you can still catch up on their adventures.  Website

Time of America Videos are usually about 55 minutes long and can be found at this webpage.
Other News Sources
  • American Digger Relic Roundup. For diggers and collectors of history. An hour long program every Monday Night at 9:00 PM eastern standard time. Join your hosts Butch Holcombe, Jeff Lubbert and Heath Jones as they explore the past. Learn more about Metal Detecting, Treasure hunting in all it's forms, and the preservation of history. September Pod Cast Link
  • Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine present the BIG metal detecting podcast. A weekly show bringing all areas of history together with our guests, news and much more. September Pod Cast Link
  • Coin World - Numismatic and Coin Collecting September News
  • Garrett Searcher August Issue
  • Gold Prospectors Assn of America (GPAA) - News on legal issues for the gold prospecting community September News
  • Minelab August Newsletter, 2nd Newsletter
  • PLP - Public Lands for the People. September Press Release
  • Prospecting and Mining Journal (IMCJ) August News
  • The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine The Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine are one of the lead online sites in their genre. Offering multiple platforms for Archaeological, Historical and metal detecting news, articles, research areas and much more. September News
  • 1715 Fleet Society September Newsletter

CFMS Newsletters ( California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.)

Link to All C.F.M.S Newsletters
This link takes you to their HOME page and on the left side select the Newsletter Tab

The New 49'ers

The New 49’ers provides a wide variety of gold mining properties for small-scale gold miners and prospectors. With more than 60 linear miles of gold-laden properties for members to use, many types of properties are available to accommodate many types of prospecting. From gold panning, sluicing (with and without motorized pumps) booming and nugget hunting with detectors, we have the property for it.
49'ers Newsletter Page

Saving History Video Series
Welcome to the home of Saving History, your online treasure hunting adventure. The Saving History video series advocates responsible recovery and preservation of historical artifacts. Saving History takes you in the field for adventures that not only inspire but educate. Saving History now offers excellent sponsorship opportunities for your hobby related business or product. Contact Saving History for more details.
Website Home Page

Our History Project Education and Preservation of United States History produces a podcast show each week. Web Link

Metal Detector Owners TV
Welcome to MDOTV, here you will find 1000's of videos on metal detecting. They are all sorted into groups for you, such as types of hunts, types for detectors, hunting episodes, and much more. We hope you enjoy your visit. Web Link
September 03, 2020 British Museum Newsletter

August 29, 2020 British Museum Newsletter

August 07, 2020 British Museum Newsletter

March 02, 2020 British Museum Newsletter

February 03, 2020 British Museum Newsletter

January 03, 2020 British Museum Newsletter

December 02, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

November 01, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

October 02, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

September 02, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

August 06, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

July 03, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

June 05, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

May 02, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

April 01, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

March 01, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

February 04, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

January 02, 2019 British Museum Newsletter

June 22, 2014
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  • American Digger American Digger Magazine covers metal detecting, relic hunting, treasure hunting, antiques, archaeology, civil war relics, revolutionary war relics, Indian artifacts, history, buried treasures, rare old coins, buttons, military artifacts, breastplates, guns, shells, buttons, and articles written by diggers for diggers!
  • Detector Depot
  • Gold Prospectors Gold Prospectors Association (GPAA) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. The GPAA was also dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of information, presenting an organized voice for recreational and professional prospectors and helping it's members find more gold.
  • ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal is a monthly publication dedicated to gold, silver and precious metals. Covers mining, prospecting, suction dredging, metal detecting, geology, ore deposits, regulation, equipment, extraction, assaying, history and more.
  • Lost Treasure Lost Treasure Online - Official Website of Lost Treasure Magazine | The Treasure Hunter's Guide to Adventure & Fortune
  • North South Trader's Civil War Welcome to the award-winning North South Trader's Civil War magazine. Since 1973 we have been dedicated to celebrating the Civil War artifact as a document of history. We have published well over 1,000 articles focusing on every type of relic that exists, from minie balls to gunboats. The artifact is our niche, and whether brought home as a war trophy by a veteran, preserved by descendants, stored in a museum, or excavated from the soil, all have a place within our pages. We have been active in historic preservation since our first issue and we are proud of the fact that we were the first Civil War collector's magazine to publicize the fight against rampant development of the primary relic: the battlefield. Please join us as we continue to investigate Civil War history through the untold stories of its relics.
  • Treasure Hunting This exciting monthly magazine is packed with information and useful features to help you get the most out of the fascinating hobby of metal detecting. There are regular “How to metal detect ” articles and a wealth of features on the coins and artefacts that are regularly found by metal detectorists around the UK. Field tests on various machines are joined by Questions & Answers, Readers’ Letters, News & Views and much more. Available from newsagents, metal detector retailers or direct from the publishers.
  • Western & Eastern Treasures World's Leading How To Magazine For Metal Detectorists Since 1966
Manufactures Newsletters, Magazines

Garrett Metal Detectors
 Garret Searcher Newsletter Web Link

Fisher Metal Detecting Resources
Web link

JW Fishers are specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems.
Web Link

White's Logo
White's Treasure Hunting America
Web Link

Tesoro Electronics Metal Detector Information (MDI) Magazine
Web Link

Teknetics Metal Detecting Resources Web Link

Book Section

Metal Detecting for the Beginner: 2nd Edition by Vince Migliore

Metal Detecting for the Beginner: 2nd Edition is an expanded version of the original best-selling book on metal detecting. We've added more pages, more photographs, and a vastly enhanced discussion of using the Internet to compliment your treasure hunting. The book includes a thorough explanation of crucial concepts for the beginner, such as Discrimination and Target ID. Resources include a list of manufacturers, hobby-related web sites, and step-by-step instructions for using the Internet for planning and research. Book Website

Metal Detecting and Archaeology by Suzie Thomas and Peter Stone

The invention of metal detecting technology during the Second World War allowed the development of a hobby that has traditionally been vilified by archaeologists as an uncontrollable threat to the proper study of the past. This book charts the relationship between archaeologists and metal detectors over the past fifty odd years within an international context. It questions whether the great majority of metal detectors need be seen as a threat or, as some argue, enthusiastic members of the public with a valid and legitimate interest in our shared heritage, charting the expansion of metal detecting as a phenomenon and examining its role within traditional archaeology. A particular strength of the book is its detailed case studies, from South Africa, the USA, Poland and Germany, where metal detectors have worked with, and contributed significantly towards, archaeological understanding and research.
With contributions from key individuals in both the metal detecting and archaeological communities, this publication highlights the need for increased understanding and cooperation and asks a number of questions crucial to the development of a long term relationship between archaeologists and metal detectors. Book Website
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